American Made

American Made

Barry Seal, a TWA pilot, is recruited by the CIA to provide reconnaissance on the burgeoning communist threat in Central America and soon finds himself in charge of one of the biggest covert CIA operations in the history of the United States. The operation spawns the birth of the Medellin cartel and almost brings down the Reagan White House.

In real-life, Barry Seal was overweight and looked more like a darts player than the charismatic chancer Tom Cruise portrays him as but then whenever Scientology’s favourite son commits to a project you know in advance what you are getting.   

And America Made (as with most others where he is the leading man) Tom Cruise does what Tom Cruise does best; he smiles knowingly at the camera, spreads the charm and is entertaining without ever testing himself.

If you’re looking for a bit of fun escapism that isn’t taxing then this is the film for you. It’s far better than most action comedies, if immediately forgettable and I can think of far worse ways to while away a couple of hours.

George R Vaughan