Climb Every Mountain
Lynne Gilbert - Trekker Extraordinaire
“I’m 6ft tall and quite recognisable,” the voice over the phone assured me as I sought to confirm a
The Wisdom of Words
Jenni Trent Hughes
Life strategist, coach and Agony Aunt with a specialisation in relationships and family
Know Your Limits
30mph in most residential areas
I wasn’t proud when I announced to my children that I was taking part in a speed awareness scheme
Every Move You Make....
Judi James
A study at the University of California discovered that on meeting someone for the first time,
Diva Kickstart 19th March
If you are looking for some inspiration and just know the time is right to make some changes
A Glass Act
Meenakshi Salve
Natural glass has existed since the beginning of time, formed when rocks are melted by the likes of
When alcohol is not your friend but your enemy
Janet Hiscock
Research published by the American Journal of Public Health revealed that bright, professional
A Woman's Touch
As the young woman, decked out in overalls, with paint splashes on her blonde hair and a bright
Coaching for Life by George R Vaughan
Deborah Price -
The modern world is full of stresses and strains. The demands of a competitive working
10 Interior Design Tips from Flavia Baldinatti
Flavia Baldinatti interior designer
1. When putting colours and ideas together, try designing your own room makeover board to see how