Where to buy property in 2019

Where to buy property in 2019

Where to buy property in 2019

With so much happening across the UK in 2019, from new developments to huge changes in transport, purchasing a property couldn’t come at a better time. Whether you’re looking to buy your forever family home or invest in a second property as a form of income, there are several growing hotspots that should be at the top of your consideration list. 


Capital city and leading the way in so many aspects, London is always a great place to buy a property. For a multicultural and diverse area to live in, London is most definitely your spot, thanks to the 300 languages currently spoken in schools within the area and the rich cultural communities. Employment opportunities are great within the city, and if you’re looking for a vibrant lifestyle, the huge array of entertainment options speak for themselves. 


Oxfordshire is comprised of a range of inspirationally architectural cities and towns, with Oxford, Banbury and Chipping Norton all within its remit. This particular area of the country is increasing in popularity at a rapid rate, thanks to both Royal and celebrity connections. If you’re looking for rural and relaxed living, Oxfordshire is most definitely the spot for you. Not to mention being in oh-so-close proximity to Bicester Village, the luxury shopping centre and a dream destination for any fashion lover. 


If you’re drawn to the south but want to move out of the hustle and bustle of London life, Surrey is a fantastic up and coming area, with a whole host of areas perfect for growing families. You certainly get more for your money in terms of space, compared to that of the city centre, and there’s an opportunity to get that sought-after piece of outdoor space. If commuting into the big smoke is still high up on the priority list, Surrey’s many towns and villages have great central connections and regular services, meaning easy access to and from London. 

West Yorkshire 

If you’ve ever been to Yorkshire (or if you’re from there!) you’ll know that the largest county in England are renowned for their welcoming atmosphere and friendly communities. West Yorkshire is particularly up and coming, thanks to the vibrant city of Leeds. With fantastic shopping, music and theatre opportunities, sport in abundance and plenty of culture, there’s something for everyone in this northern city. 


Earlier in the year, it was reported that a record number of Londoners were moving to Devon, and this trend certainly looks like it will continue into the new year, more than likely thanks to a range of top universities, and reasonable house prices. If you asked the locals, they’d say the top reasons to live in Devon would be the close proximity to the ocean and the ever so slightly warmer climate than other areas of the country. 

For more information on properties available to buy in your area, head to www.buyanasterhome.co.uk

Poppy Watt