Top 5 Gift Wrapping Tips With Arona Khan

Gift wrapping expert Arona Khan

Top 5 Gift Wrapping Tips With Arona Khan

Giving gifts at Christmas is truly more rewarding than receiving and the art of wrapping the perfect gift has grown in popularity in recent years with accessories and gift toppers to make sure your gifts look the part. But if you're one to get yourself in a cellotape twist when it comes to wrapping, here, internationally renowned gift wrapping expert Arona Khan shares her top tips and some handy tricks for perfecting your gift wrapping.

Take off the price - Remember to take off the price!  If an adhesive label can't be removed cover it with sticky tape and carefully tear off.  If the label doesn't come off at least the price will!  Alternatively, dampen it and rub carefully! Sometimes liquid soap helps

Less is more - Wrap don't mummify by having too much paper.  Take time to calculate how much you need.  At each end of a rectangular box allow paper equal to the depth.  Reverse this for square boxes and allow paper equal to half the depth 

Measure your ribbon - When using a roll of gift wrap, first run a length of ribbon or string around the present to calculate how much you need.  Lay the ribbon or string on the paper and mark where to cut.  No crushed paper and no waste! 

Curl your ribbon lightly - Don't be a kamikaze curler!  Keep scissors closed and curl ribbon between your thumb and the closed blades

Never tape paper to a present - It won't make wrapping easier and a gift with damaged packaging is difficult to exchange or return

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