A Thirty-Minute Bathroom Makeover

Wall Cabinet

Where do we head to relax?  The bathroom, of course, and a well-organized bathroom makes for a more calming experience.  Any estate agent will tell you that bathrooms sell houses, so let’s take a look at a 30 minute makeover for yours.

Whether modern, country house, or vintage, your bathroom can be quickly transformed with accessories without breaking the bank.

Clear out all the clutter to get the most out of what’s likely to be the smallest room in the house. 

Wall mounted units with doors are perfect for storing products without taking up floor footage if room is particularly tight.

Storage units with mirrors bring a contemporary, streamlined look.  Alternatively, an open or closed floor-standing unit, now readily available in all shapes and sizes, will tidy the clutter away.

Slatted duckboards are perfect for drying off after your bath or shower. They are hygienic and can be wiped clean after use, so no more washing soggy, soiled bath mats with this eco friendly choice. To prevent anyone tripping on the board prop it up on the side of the bath when not in use.

Take a look at matching it all up with a wooden towel rail and toilet roll holder box.  Then add some lovely new fluffy towels for a bit of extra luxury.

Mirrors are the oldest trick in the book for making a small space feel bigger.  They bring in the light and how can anyone manage without a wall-mounted mirror with an extendable folding arm and magnifying option to keep makeup perfect and let you know when to get the tweezers out!

For additional hanging space, door hanger hooks that clip over the back of your door are ideal for hanging your clothes on when bathing, for extra towels if you have a large family or for your bath robes.

And take a look at a new matching set of soap dishes or dispensers, tumblers and toothbrush holders.  And last, but by no means least, it’s probably time to throw out the shower curtain and replace it with a bright new version to complement your new accessories.

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Poppy Watt.