Tenzo Whistling Kettles

Tenzo Kettles

Tenzo have the ideal solution to reminding you that your kettle is on the boil, with a revamp of the classic whistling kettle. A design feature that has existed for decades, the new version has not a shrill whistle but a musical sounding reminder to alert you to the fact that your kettle has reached boiling point.

As the water boils, steam creates pressure, which escapes up the spout and through the whistle. The amount of escaping steam increases and the sound of the whistle becomes louder and more persistent. When the kettle is removed from heat the sound subsides.

The Tenzo kettle is lightweight and made from high quality stainless steel with a broad base, which allows the water to come to the boil quicker than a kettle with a smaller base.

It can be used on an electric or gas hob and comes in a selection of three colours: metallic red, matt black and stainless steel all offering a contemporary look.

The kettle has finger grips on the underside of the handle to ensure a firm even hold and can heat up to 2.5 litre of water, while the ‘stay cool’ handle protects the hand when pouring.

Always check the tightness of the lid when choosing a whistling kettle. The lid needs to fit tight enough not to pop off when the pressure builds. No steam escaped from my Tenzo kettle, which could have been a hazard while carrying or pouring.

The only downside was that the handle sometimes gets a little hot when in use.

Prices start at £37.49 for the stainless steel the Matt Red and Matt Black are £39.49 and include a 5-year guarantee. Available from Amazon or for a local stockist call Premier Housewares on 0141 579 2000

Poppy Watt


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