Spring Clean with a Difference

Susie Shaw

Spring Clearing

Spring brings the desire for a clearout.  It’s the season of rebirth and new growth. 

Everything in the universe is made up of energy and has a vibration.  All living things need Chi or life force to thrive and blocked chi leads to stagnation.

Memorabilia and belongings that we really don’t need may actually hold us back.  Although some memorabilia may remind us of wonderful times, other items we hold onto reinforce what longer serves us.

The first step is to determine what is clutter and what isn’t. Take a good look around your home, going from room to room becoming aware of what makes you feel good and when you feel your energy drop.

Ask yourself:

  1. Do I really love this object?
  2. Is it time to let it go?
  3. Does my energy go up or down when I see it?
  4. Is it broken?

Start small if the thought of clearing out makes you feel stressed or anxious. It may be easier de-cluttering with a friend who can encourage you to let go of things.

Choose a drawer or a box to clear and sort items into three categories:

  1. Am I ready to let go of this?
  2. Am I not ready to let it go though I don’t really love it?
  3. Is it broken can it be thrown away or fixed?

Take category 1 items to a charity shop, sell them or if its rubbish throw it away. Sell quickly; otherwise you accumulate bags that become clutter in themselves.

For category 2 items ask yourself why you can’t let it go? Do you feel guilty because someone gave it to you? Do you feel you might need it in the future?  Often these objects have an emotional charge attached so give yourself a time limit of a maximum of six months and reassess. You may then be ready to move them on, if not store them away neatly.

Items in category 3 should be fixed immediately or thrown away.

Now move on to the next box or drawer and repeat.

We often hoard clutter in a wardrobe, denying ourselves new clothes thinking that we will lose weight and fit into clothes that used to fit and we probably would not want to wear again.  Clothing we haven’t worn in a year or so can be got rid of. Every time we open that wardrobe it reminds us of what size we used to be and not how lovely we are now. Of course we want to be an ideal healthy weight but it’s important to accept ourselves as we are.  Most of us have at least one item that we wished we hadn’t bought, so why is it still there? No matter how much it cost, if we don’t see ourselves wearing it, we should move it on. EBay is a great place to sell clothing and we can treat ourselves to something new.

We accumulate clutter in many areas, piles of paperwork, computer inboxes, files, kitchen cupboards, piles of old magazines.  Clutter can be accumulated over many years and takes time to clear. The more you clear, the more space you create to bring new things into your life.

Take advantage of the energy of Spring and start creating new beginnings. You will start to see your creativity flow and opportunities will soon be knocking on your door.

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Susie Shaw