Sharon Smith and GI Jane Bootcamp!

GI Jane Bootcamp!

GI Jane was the inspiration of Sharon’s own life-changing stint at ‘Bootcamp’. Using her own experiences Sharon hopes to inspire other women to make a difference to their lives. She is living proof that no matter what you are up against you can still achieve your dreams.

Since the creation of GI Jane in April 2009 Sharon has been inspired by the women who join the ‘Bootcamp’. “They are from all walks of life and all ages – my eldest recruit was 60. I feel privileged to be able to influence so many remarkable women”.

Every ‘GI’ is different and whether you go to ‘Bootcamp’ to lose weight, reclaim your figure after childbirth, find yourself or to realise you are OK just the way you are, GI Jane guarantees an empowering and wonderful experience, not to mention both weight and inch loss!

Each ‘Bootcamp’ week is unique. Whether you are there for a day or a week, you will find the experience really cathartic. Some find that it opens up deep-seated emotions kept under wraps for years, that they have never dreamed of discussing with anyone before. Many are amazed to find that ‘Bootcamp’ is not all about fitness but also self-discovery and self-appreciation. They leave looking and feeling fantastic and confident. 

Everyone has their stories to tell and most are full of light and hope, but there are some filled with horror and pain. GI Jane can really help those who have suffered and one in seven at GI JaneBootcamp’ have at some suffered from depression at some point in their lives.

“I can sympathise greatly with these emotional journeys having been to dark places in my youth” says Sharon.

“I was born and raised in Plumstead, South East London. At school I was your typical active child; I enjoyed sport and loved drama to such a degree I auditioned in every drama school in London. Although this did not lead me to the professional stage I do feel my audience is now with my ladies.

“I really hit rock bottom in 1995 when my then partner dumped me on Christmas day telling me that he was in love with our mutual friend. He kicked me out of his house where we had been living together, leaving me with nowhere to go. I was totally devastated.  I had nothing, no home, no boyfriend, no job, or money! I took an overdose, an obvious cry for help, but it was the first time that I actually acknowledged that I needed help and couldn’t cope on my own. I had been so used to hiding my problems. It was then that my mother decided that I was in such a dire state that the only place I would be safe from myself was in Bexley Mental Hospital.

“It was the longest week of my life, but also the turning point for me. I vividly remember waking one morning to find a blind lady desperately trying to comb my hair. I was surrounded by people who were so severely ill, that it made me realise how lucky I actually was.

“My life then took an upward turn, I fell pregnant with my wonderful daughter Georgie and set up my own cleaning business. The business that started with pen and paper at the kitchen table after six months had grown so much I had 20 staff working for me.

“Having been bitten by the business bug, I founded Gi Jane ‘Bootcamp’ and have not looked back.  My sister Mandy is a qualified nutritionist and trainer and we work together at ‘Bootcamp’”.

Sharon is now taking time to give something back and with her sister Mandy recently ran the London Marathon raising over £5000 for Greenwich and Bexley Community Hospice, the place that cared for both her parents in their last days. It is somewhere very close to Sharon’s heart. GI Jane are also hosting a fundraising weekend where Sharon has invited 12 nurses from the hospice to be sponsored to survive a weekend at GI Jane ‘Bootcamp’!

If you fancy your chances at ‘Bootcamp’ check out their website at www.gijane’Bootcamp’

Poppy Watt