Your stars for May with Lilly Light

Your bullish, sometimes brash behavior is set to get you in hot water again this month as you upset a family member and set the ball rolling in something that could develop into quite an argument. You never seem to learn that sometimes it is best to keep your opinion to yourself – especially in more delicate matters – and until you do, you’re going to suffer a lot more situations like this. On the relationship front, a loved one might be a bit prickly because of problems at work so try and be understanding: it will mean the world to him.

The time has come for you to face up to a long standing dispute and try to resolve it because things have gone on far too long as they are, without benefit to either yourself or the other party concerned. Sometimes it is the better person who can swallow their pride and make the first move so stop being so stubborn and take matters into your own hands. I guarantee that you will feel a lot better about both yourself and the situation if you do. Money wise there could be an unforeseen expense involving the car so make sure there’s a little left in the pot because this rainy days is just around the corner.

Your thoughts are still with an old flame that you cannot seem to get out of your head and this is having a negative impact on your life since it is obstructing any progress you might hope to make with a new partner. Admittedly, your current situation is not all you might have hoped it would be but you need to give things time to grow. At the moment you are so obsessed with the past that you are choking any chance of your present situation being a success. Let go! Change isn’t something your sign embraces very well but now is as good at time as any to give it a go!

Your loyalty to a close friend will be supremely tested this month as you discover a secret that may compromise your long-term relationship with the person concerned. You have a difficult decision to make: do you confront your friend and risk everything or do you keep quiet and hope it all goes away. Sooner or later you’ll have to choose but whichever way you go, the outcome is set to cause you major headaches over the coming weeks. If you get the opportunity to take a few days holiday then you should grab it with both hands. Something tells me you’re going to need it.

All is not well in your household at the moment with a partner causing you great consternation and concern. If the truth be told, your relationship has been balanced on a rather fine edge of late and the reasons behind this stem back to a past issue between you that has still not been resolved. If you want to get things back on track then first and foremost you have to clear the air by speaking out a few home truths. It’s not going to be easy but if something isn’t done soon matters may degenerate to such a degree that before long you may lose the inclination or desire to aspire towards a settlement at all.

Lately you have been finding it very difficult to relax and changes at work have left you in such a confused state that you are unclear about where you are going any more. The ambitions of your youth have become jaded and out of focus and as these used to form the strong foundations of your past it now leaves you on somewhat uncertain ground for the immediate future. The time for decisive action is at hand. The choices you make now may have a significant impact on your life for the next few years to come so be sure to employ wisdom rather than haste in whatever you decide to do.

Your sign does not like living on its nerves. It makes you jumpy and agitated. The perfect environment for the rabbit is one where there is as little stress as possible. Unfortunately this month there are just too many things butting into your environment to make life as comfortable as you would like and it doesn’t seem that the pressure bubbling up around you is set to relax any. The main bone of contention is with a partner whose possessive ways are starting to make life intolerable. Unless you can get them to back off a little, the sparks are going to fly and boiling point is not going to be a pretty sight.

At this moment in time you might not feel you are getting very far with your plans for the future and any progress you are seeking to make has been stifled by forces that exist outside of your control. However, the good news is that things are set to change soon and you will find that the tide is about to turn in your favour. Just hang on in there for a little bit longer. On the family front, you might need to be a little more disciplined with a young child whose recent behaviour has given you and certain others around you cause for concern. Too much freedom isn’t always a good thing and on occasions you really do need to be cruel to be kind.

If you’re honest with yourself, you have to admit that just recently you’ve not really been the easiest person to be around. Much of this has to do with unresolved problems in your own life but that is still no reason for making everyone else close to you suffer! To make amends, it might be necessary to make some effort and perhaps treat those nearest to your heart with an evening out to show that you do acknowledge your faults and more importantly that you do care. A simple gesture like this will do wonders to make amends and you’ll feel better for it too. Go on: you know you want to.

The offer to take an exciting journey away for a few weeks will be presented to you sometime in the middle of May and you should dismiss any concerns and think seriously about the possibility. The likelihood will be that the invitation is coming from a relative who is very keen to see you and you should try to make the effort for them. A lot of you have very little to worry about at the moment and spending time in the company of those who love you is possibly the best thing you can do right now. Life passes by a lot quicker than any of us realize and there is no point turning our backs when an opportunity arises. They might not emerge a second time.

You will be find yourself pleasantly surprised over the next few weeks as you discover a long term plan finally comes to fruition and delivers a most rewarding “pay-off”. However, before you get too excited and decide to rush off on a crazy spending spree, just remember that you didn’t achieve this all by yourself and there are others who are entitled to a part of the spoils. On the family front a parent could tell you some unwanted home truths regarding your own behaviour towards a sibling but to save any major argument, it might be best to sit out this “telling off” without objection. After all, a lot of what they say has the ring of truth about it anyway.

To your sign, the most important things in life are family, relationships and the comforting arms of a loving partner. So it is precisely for this reason that you are feeling somewhat troubled as you sense that something is not quite right and you are having difficulty putting your finger on the problem. There is no doubt that a distance has developed between you but before you start going too far down the road of conspiracy theories you should take an honest look at yourself and consider whether your own recent behaviour might not also be a contributing factor. Blame is very easy to hand out but quite a different proposition when you have to shoulder it yourself.

Lilly Light