Scope with Lilly Light

This month will see your finances entering a more balanced phase following a period of investment and development, much of which may have been linked to property and education. This provides you with a real opportunity to exploit the freedom you will be afforded and you should try to think outside of the box in terms of career and general life aspirations. You might not get another chance like this over the remainder of the year and what you put into place from July will certainly shape the final months of 2018.

Your sign is about to enter a phase of sustained financial growth as you pass the mid-year period and some good work in the first half of 2018 starts to produce significant rewards. The real challenge for you now is how you build from this position of strength to ensure you continue the journey through to 2019 in a similar fashion. On the work front, your career continues to blossom in several areas and for those of you with irons in more than one fire, this could be a real marquee month. Make sure you enjoy it. 

Sacrifice is a big feature of your reading this month. However, the sacrifice does not come from you but a partner whose generous spirit opens the way for you to take advantage of a situation you would have otherwise never been able to consider. Don’t forget quickly what has been done for you here as not many would do the same in similar circumstances. The best way to show your appreciation would be to perhaps be a little more affectionate and loving than usual.

July means a change in romantic interests and there is a good chance that a struggling relationship will finally buckle under the strain and it may all end in tears. Although this event will be painful to come to terms with, the initial loss will give way to a renewed sense of determination to set your life back on track. Also, if you have been contemplating greener fields and different pastures then an unexpected opportunity to break free could come your way on the15th.

A destructive force enters your life in the shape of a disgruntled relative who appears to have decided you are to blame for a long-running feud in the family. Try not to rise to their bait but instead put the record straight as soon as possible since your best option here is tackling the problem head-on rather than allowing it to eat away at your sensitivities. Curb the cutting tongue rather than encourage it or you may end up the victim of this unruly person’s intentions.

Life in the fast lane is hard going and for some of you usually introverted and more methodical Virgos, July may see you running out of steam and needing a short rest to recuperate. Don’t start committing yourselves too quickly to too many things. If you do find your reserves a little low by the middle of the month, grab a few days’ holiday and take it easy. A little sunshine and a lot of pampering is just the ticket – if you can convince yourself to believe that!

Love is still the primary topic for you this month and the signs are that if anything, events are moving even faster than they were before. So much so, that a few of you may even need to take a step back and apply the brakes whilst you try and catch your breath. Overall, however, you are advised not to go looking for problems and instead, simply sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s still early days – so make the most of what you have discovered!

This month, beware the advances of an admirer seeking to attain more than just friendship – this person is still waiting in the shadows and may simply be biding their time before they make a decisive move! Towards the end of July, you may take a short break away – possibly just to think matters over or simply only for a deserved rest. You might pick up a bargain around the 28th – if you move quickly and put aside any hesitation – but also ask yourself how much you really need it. 

A relative who is feeling the financial pinch might be in need of a little assistance so don’t wait to be asked. You know the person and their situation - do the charitable thing and offer to help! A gift given out of unrequited love could also cause a dispute around the end of the month so if you don’t want certain people to know – keep a secret to yourself. Overall July is going to be a watershed month for your sign and the real impact is likely to come later in the year as you move towards November and December.

What you want and what you need could be very different things for your sign and how you balance the two in your own mind may be one of the biggest challenges for you this month. Work remains an unknown quantity and after a period of dissatisfaction and uncertainty there could be light at the end of the tunnel. Just make sure you focus on the important aspects and detach your emotions from the situation. It’s more about the basics this month.

Waiting on a rise or possible cash bonus from shares that are performing well may lead you to consider a major purchase this month. However, be sure to have the money in your hand before you step out to buy your “dream” item. Any hasty decision could leave you short – as well as alarmed when a bill arrives and you have no funds to meet it with. Restraint is the order of the day in July so take heed and be better prepared. If you need to splash out then it might be worth waiting until later in the year to do so.

Relationships are at the top of your agenda in July – both romantically and where certain relatives are involved - as you try to juggle two discontented individuals’ needs. Perhaps the answer is to stop trying to please everyone and instead forcing those concerned to put up or shut up! The influence of the Page of Wands on your sign is particularly relevant where finances are concerned and it might explain why there is so much friction flying about you presently.

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