Your stars for May with Lilly Light

You have big plans for the autumn and if everything comes together then you may find yourself preparing for a trip away this month to pastures new. You might not actually depart until June but there will be a lot of preparation involved, especially if you have children going with you so make sure you don’t leave any possible eventuality unexplored. Financially you will have come through a minor blip last month relatively unscathed and you can now look forward to a more sustained and consistent period of growth.

A woman of substance is due to come into your life this month and her appearance bodes well for you on the career front. She will provide you with direction and help you rediscover your deepest ambitions. However, she will also demand that you work hard for her and you need to be committed and accept her advice, even if you don’t immediately see the bigger picture. Eventually it will all become apparent to you and when it does you will already be a safe distance down the road you want to be on.

A friend will surprise you this month with his full support in a dispute with a relative and it might even represent a turning point in your relationship. This could have a knock-on effect for your confidence and you may find yourself more prone to taking risks or challenging your own reservations in the weeks that follow. Clearly this display of unity is going to also make you appreciate your friendship a lot more and if you get the opportunity perhaps you should demonstrate your gratitude in some lasting fashion.

For some time now a few of you may have been suspicious of a partner’s actions and it seems that finally, your fears will be realised. This is going to cause a lot of friction and anxiety but once the dust has settled, you will then need to decide what remains in the aftermath and whether it is even worth fighting for anymore. All in all, some challenging decisions await you and there is a good chance that after May has passed, these events may have changed you permanently as a person.

A lot about your life might be feeling like a lottery now and if there is one thing you are missing it is continuity. So much seems to be up in the air that you can’t decide on what the best course of action might be. Still, you are a practical, often meticulous sign and you should play to your strengths and ensure that you sit down and filter through the fine print to get the answers you are looking for. The best thing to remember here is that the situation is begging to be brought under your control and it remains in your hands.

Months of hard work and study are due to be rewarded with success soon and May could see you celebrating in a major way because of it. There is no question that you have had to endure some difficult times since the over the coming year and the achievements you enjoy now will go some way towards making things better. On the home front a domestic issue could result in you having to spend money you were not prepared to part with and consequently you need to restrict yourself to a tight budget.

A young child is in desperate need of your attention and you should make every effort to give up as much of your time as you can this month because there is a serious cry for help going on that genuinely needs to be addressed. This could be the tip of the iceberg and if you don’t deal with it quickly then matters could escalate. On a more positive note, a new face on the work scene is going to catch your eye and the feeling could be mutual so prepare yourself for a possible new romance in the offing.

Boy! Do you need a holiday after what has been one of the most taxing years of your life! The good news is that you are going to enjoy something very special in May and it will make everything you have been through to date worthwhile. Above all else wherever you go you must leave all your concerns and responsibilities behind you. This is all about “me” time so make the most of it. On the work front you may consider moving roles when you hear of a new opportunity that looks to have your name written all over it.

This month romance is going to be high on the agenda but it may not follow the kind of passage you would ordinarily hope for. It seems that someone you have taken a liking too isn’t quite what he or she seems and therefore, you may end up letting your feelings get ahead of you and being hurt in the process. You are generally a reserved creature who does not let their guard down and whilst that isn’t always the best approach to take if you want to develop a relationship, your instincts are well placed on this occasions so trust in them.

This month some of you may be feeling quite nostalgic and that could be triggered by the reappearance of an old friend in your life, coupled with a slight dip in circumstances surrounding your current work and living situation. You are not happy at home or in your career and you need to find the energy and drive to do something about that. However, you shouldn’t allow your thought processes to be clouded by emotional ties that have long since lost their significance. 

There has been a significant hurdle for you to overcome in the last month and the remnants of that challenge still cast a shadow across your thoughts for May. The real challenge is about how you can detach yourself from the emotional debris and focus on getting your life back on track. It won’t be easy and it is certain to take a little time and you shouldn’t be afraid to speak to others who can help. Talking can ease the sense of isolation and it wouldn’t do you any harm to get the advice of loved ones as well.

You may find that things slow down a little this month and you will be looking to put the finishing touches to a planned holiday that will see you travelling to a new destination you’ve not visited before. As a water sign, the energy of the Taurus month is going to motivate and drive you ever further and you can look forward to an exciting period in your life. On the relationship front, the initial friction that existed between you and a loved one is likely to have dissipated and you can enjoy a more stable and enjoyable time together from now on.

Lilly Light