Scope with Lilly Light

Things have been tough for you over the last few months and you have been forced to deal with many turbulent changes that have probably not always left you in the best of moods. However, there is a brighter view on the horizon and things will start to look up over the coming weeks as you finally get to put a lot of those bad times behind you. The reason for this dramatic change can be attributed to a loved one altering their approach in such a manner as to suddenly make you feel a lot more wanted than perhaps they had done in the past.

This month, love is in the air for you in a very big way. Romance will follow your every step and the signs are good for any new relationship, which finds its roots in April. The message is plain and simple: if it involves the heart then throw yourself into it with both hands! However, you are advised not to speak too openly with a companion who likes to dish the dirt as you might find yourself the subject of other people’s conversation. Until you are certain in your heart that this is the route you want to take, keep it as much to yourself as possible.

More than any other factor this month, you will soon realise just how much you are loved and appreciated by those around you as the family draw close to extend special support to overcome a difficult time at work. It could be that pressures or uncompromising rivals have left you deflated and depressed. However, the tide is turning slowly in your favour and with the assistance of family and friends you will soon negotiate the corner to a more fortunate period in your life.

After a period of stagnation, a new project or development will lift off with a great measure of success. However, you should beware of overconfidence and take care in any business dealings that you have left in the hands of others. Throughout April you will also receive two enticing offers concerning the sale of certain goods but you should consider them carefully before making any firm decision. Look at every scenario and outcome – not just the one that might provide an instant fix.

If a parent has been worrying you recently or perhaps seems out of sorts, then you should trust your instincts and speak to them as they may be looking for a considerate ear to ease a particular burden. The scales are finely balanced at present but if you ignore the signs then you could be left ruing the chance to ease a loved one’s pain. A difficult man may introduce himself into your life and become a troublesome opponent so prepare for friction in the workplace.

A neglected partner could be at the point of considering a break or separation due to your complete lack of thought and attention in the last few months. Past problems have not gone away and there is every possibility another person could be challenging for the affections of your companion. You would be wise to try and turn matters before it is too late.  Leave it too long and it may all end up being beyond you.

April is going to be a good month for you financially and you can look forward to success in the business arena. Your career plans into 2018 are going to take off but you are going to need to coordinate matters and get someone else on-board to assist you if you want to stay on top of your workload. On the romance front, a partner is going to surprise you with a weekend away and it could turn out to be a very special time indeed.

Life is going to change for you this month. Your sign doesn’t always adapt well to change but this new cycle will leave you with a lot to celebrate. Embrace it and then take what you can from it to progress your career. For those of you who are of a creative slant, 2018 is your chance to shine so put all your efforts into doing what you excel at.  If you need a theme to help you along then focus on what you know best. It will allow you to deliver in the best way possible.

Just recently your morale has taken a real battering and perhaps you’ve been thinking that all you really need right now Scorpio is a little space. No one can blame you because you’ve been expected to deal with a lot over the last few months and your partner just doesn’t seem to be able to appreciate what is going on in your head right now. Get that suitcase packed and go out there and find yourself! A little time away from what is familiar may be all you need.

A case of mistaken identity could lead you into an embarrassing situation this month as one white lie told to impress someone, balloons into a series of awkward compromises with the truth. Be careful as this situation may get out of hand as you struggle to find a clear avenue. The best option would be to remain tight-lipped and wait until the dust settles before saying another word, even if you are tempted to let the “cat out of the bag”.

April may see you optimistic and excited about the coming weeks but this could be short lived when a family member’s behaviour towards you disappoints. However, you need to learn to overcome the upset as soon as you can, no matter how hard it might be, so that you can continue forward. A letter could raise your spirits and lead you to follow a change of career and this is likely to be something you’ve always wanted to do, so don’t hold back otherwise you might regret it forever.

Losing touch with the world about you can be a real possibility this month if you choose to ignore a financial problem that you are aware of. If matters are getting out of hand or an unnecessary debt is growing, you should confront rather than ignore the subject to avoid a scene-making embarrassment later in the year. You may also find yourself the object of someone’s affections this month and an existing relationship may need to be re-assessed in light of such developments.

Lilly Light