Scope with Lilly Light

Your stars for November with Lilly Light.                                       

There is so much going on at the moment you could be forgiven for letting the odd thing slip through the net. Work wise a business venture is progressing well and other revenue streams previously unexplored will be opened to you and deliver promising returns. A face from the past may return to dip in your successes but you should keep your distance. Your focus needs to be all about the here and now and where you want to take things for the future. Leave this element of your yesterdays to memory.

You have a lot of work on your hands this coming month but it is focused on subject matter you enjoy and it will help open up a new dimension to your life that is going to bring rich rewards, creatively and financially. On the romance front, time away with a loved one will prove enlightening and reaffirm your commitment to each other. Sometimes all it takes is a shake-up of a current situation to make you realise that everything you have been searching for is right there next to you.

It’s been all about health matters for many of you this month and whilst the worst of a situation is now out of the way, it is advisable for you to remain cautious and not to try and “run before you can walk” again. Recuperation means just that so allow the healing process to take its natural course and don’t rush things. You can be a restless sign and one who gets bored easily but sometimes you must allow the body to heal itself otherwise you will only make matters worse.

October was a good month for you in general and there is no doubting that many of you will have made progress where work is concerned but you can’t relax your efforts because there is still some way to go before you can achieve what you are searching for. Perseverance can sometimes be your downfall so be sure you stick to your task. As November is the time of Scorpio you can learn from a sister-water sign so keep the momentum going.

Lions like to roar but being the loudest beast in the jungle doesn’t always mean you will get your own way or even the attention of others. It’s not just about how vocal you are but whether you can provide the actions to back up your claims. If you have a dispute that needs to be settled make sure you have a plan of action should your opponent call your bluff. You can still get your own way but it might not come around in the way that you expect it to.

Although you can be an ambitious and successful sign, the nature of the beast you are means that on the flip side you can sometimes allow your darker nature to get the better of you. Don’t allow a minor setback to knock you off course and ruin all the good work already invested. Nothing can stop you in full flow except your own insecurities. If you take some time out to truly assess matters you will see that there is very little here to be afraid of.

October – traditionally the month of Libra - has been good to your sign, with investments having returned well and relationships at the best they have been for some time. However, you do need to be aware of not allowing complacency to set in. Keep your mind focused and your thoughts on your ambitions and greater opportunities will arise. If a relative or friend comes to you with a business idea don’t dismiss it out of hand because there could be more here than meets the eye.

You are not always the most tactful sign and you sometimes over complicate love, which can lead to friction in a relationship and make it difficult for you to meet new people. If there is a new flame on the horizon or you have just entered into an affair, try thinking less and just going with your emotions. Sometimes the best things in life are not thought through and it is all about the moment. You would do well to embrace the idea and let it run.

You may be feeling like your life has been dropped into a box, shaken violently and then emptied out onto the street for all to view, such is the disarray and turmoil around you at the moment. Emotional and financial pressures are also eating into your insecurities and you need to get a grip quickly before matters pass beyond your control. The situation is not irreversible and a little applied logic will go a long way to making matters right again. If you need to, turn to an experienced family member for help.

Some of you will have just closed the door on a very difficult October but fortunately as we move into November and the heart of Scorpio (one of your kindred signs) things will improve dramatically. Valuable lessons have been learnt and you would do well to appreciate those closest to you in future, especially when connected to relationships and love. Sometimes people give you advice because they care and there is no ulterior motive behind their words.

You have suffered emotionally of late but the good news for many of you is that the heartaches will now pass and a renewed period of growth and potential is about to be enjoyed from November and on towards Christmas. Getting your confidence back after a relationship failure can be hard but someone is waiting in the wings to help you through it all. Just be a little patient and take small steps back to where you need to be. The journey will be bumpy but it will help you heal.

You have been feeling vulnerable of late and this has something to do with a major uncertainty in your love life. You are not usually one to bottle up your fears but it could be that part of you already knows any confrontation will reveal truths you don’t want to face. However, is this current state of limbo really worth suffering? You need to dig deep and find the courage to take you through this difficult time. You can still make it work. You just have to believe in yourself a little more. 

Lilly Light