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Relationships are often like the seasons, changeable and unpredictable. For some of you October will be a month when a relationship goes through a positive high, which is just as well since things have been hard going recently. The next few months, should bring about a more balanced and healthy cycle that will see you cementing your ties and planning further ahead into the future. Appreciate these moments because no one can say how long they will last.

October is going to be the month when you finally get around to cementing your future in the business arena as a career ambition is finally realized. It might be something you have been working on for a few months now but it won’t be until the 19th that things are confirmed in writing and a real commitment made. It’s going to mean a lot of changes but go with the flow because the long-term benefits are going to be huge.

Having made great strides on the business front you are now able to plan your way forward and with the right strategy in place, you should be able to extend your reach and achieve great things this month. Good news by post will also spur you on creatively whilst a special person in your life could surprise you with a very tempting offer. It’s a good time for your right now and you need to make the most of it without any reservations. Sometimes you don’t need to questions things you just need to enjoy them.

Passions run high for many of you this month as you are faced with a difficult choice when it comes to a loved one. Your discovery of an indiscretion in a relationship will test your commitment to a partner and could very well see you deciding to take a step back or even ending a long-term marriage or union. Ultimately it all remains in your hands but don’t stall on a decision. The most important thing you can do here is to be decisive. It’s the only way you will get out of this.

Not a sign to ever stop still, as a major project slowly reaches its conclusion this month, so you are already thinking about what challenge to undertake next as you look forward to many new opportunities in October. Chief amongst them is a major business investment that could land you significant financial rewards later. Of course you do need to also think about taking some time out to relax because there is more to life than just one business deal after another.

A face from the past will return to your life, bringing with them a opportunity to progress down an altogether different direction. It might not be something you initially feel fits for you but there is no question of it enhancing your prospects in the time to come. It could all come down to you having to decide just how comfortable you are in your current situation and whether you can find the courage to make a change that will lead to more exciting things.

October is likely to be a month of reflection for many of you, especially if you are celebrating a birthday during this month. You may have been through a trying period of late and much of this could be down to your own failings. It’s no good trying to mend the ship after it is already sinking. You need to start planning a little better and take your responsibilities more seriously. For many of you, it’s not just you who will be affected by these actions.

Health issues could be affecting you and they may even be affecting your mood. In truth, any treatment you are receiving may not be providing you with a solution and you should not be afraid to question the medical course your GP or consultant has suggested. You know your own body better than anyone and if you don’t see an improvement speak up! On occasions you don’t voice what you are thinking and this month you have to do just that.

It’s no secret that you are presently struggling with a very difficult dilemma but you are going to have to come to terms with the situation – and – if it is proving too difficult, perhaps get the issue dealt with once and for all. The reason it has such a profound effect is because the problem impacts on your relationship with a close friend. Don’t be afraid to reach out and engage. It’s in your nature to communicate and you do that better than most.

Your competitive spirit comes to the fore this month as you accept a challenge from a friend, which although made in good humour, soon becomes more serious as you both decide to up the stakes. There could be something else behind this driving you both and it might be wise to talk through your actions together before serious damage is done. Remember, at the heart of this you are friends and the last thing you want to do is upset something that has taken a lot of work to be successful.

Watch your step and tread carefully in romantic circles this month because eyes are watching and waiting to catch you out. You may think you have covered all your tracks but experience tells us that this is very rarely the case and unless you want to become the victim of your own desires, analyse exactly whether you can really afford to take the risk! Fleeting pleasures are just that but the impact of succumbing to temptation could make you regret so much more in the long run.

This October sees you thinking back on past romances and still realising that the ache of a recent relationship has not quite left you yet. This could account for your general dissatisfaction with life, along with the uncertainty that you are feeling about your future. However, your destiny lies in your own hands so make sure you stay in the driving seat. We only have one life and we should all seek to live it well. If you are harbouring regrets then do something about it.

Lilly Light