Your stars for September with Lilly Light

You can sometimes be accused of indecision in your life, especially when it comes to relationships and this month may see you encounter complications because you are not prepared to commit to a partner in a way they expect you to. Unless you want to see the door close on what has been a rewarding union to date, be assertive! Sometimes the very best things in life are right in front of you and if you let them go you never realise the mistake until it is too late.

Of late you have been dissatisfied in life and you are becoming restless. You are on the lookout for new challenges and for once, you may even be prepared to step out of your comfort zone to find them! Just be careful what you wish for because on occasions even your capable figure can bite off more than it can chew. If you have to take the risk, try to make it a calculated one. Financially, there is good news on the 7th September that could result in a trip overseas.

Business negotiations from July will show fruit in September and you can look forward to some positive developments that will ultimately deliver for you financially. Of course nothing comes easy in life and you are going to have to work hard to achieve what you want but in real terms this could be the start of something significant and long term. You should already be starting to prepare a plan and if you need to engage with others on this project then start sooner rather than later.

Family is at the heart of everything your sign does and this month that will not be any different. Those of you with children need to consider how to better organise your time because at the moment you are allowing over-demanding teenagers to dictate your agenda and this is affecting other relationships in your life. You need to take control of your existence and ignore the manipulations put before you. You have a right to enjoy yourself too!

You have made a spur of the minute decision and now you are going to have to live with the consequences of that choice. Over-enthusiasm and lack of thought will see you delivered into a situation that it is not going to be easy to emerge from. You are one of the Zodiac’s most resourceful signs but this challenge won’t be an easy one! On the health front you may need to check that slightly increasing waistline as recent over indulgence is starting to become a little more evident!

September is traditionally your month and when you are usually at your most productive. Lady luck will also appear to have blessed you and if you fancy taking a gamble on a long shot around the 23rd then you could be handsomely rewarded for your risk. On the relationship front try to keep a partner’s interest in mind when making a major decision because this will impact on you both. If there is a failing you need to address it is your tendency to still operate as though you are single!

You may find yourself in quite a reflective mood over the next few weeks and much of this could be in connection to some crossed words with a loved one that have hit home and hurt your feelings a little. The problem is that the truth can be painful on occasions and it might just be a case of you having to listen and trying to learn from the experience. You are not always right and though you might like to argue that point, you have to accept that there are other opinions out there beside your own.

Don’t let your stubbornness over a petty dispute ruin the potential for a wonderful holiday. Just because you can’t have everything your own way, it isn’t fair to allow those closest to you to suffer as well. Swallow your pride and try to get thing back on track otherwise it could turn out to be a very long September for you indeed. Sometimes there is more than just your own opinion to take into account and that needs to be a reality you embrace sooner rather than later.

Be careful in matters of finance this month, especially if someone is trying to get you to commit to a loan or some other expensive agreement. Sometimes your sign can be easily led and before you put pen to paper, think through whether you can really afford what it is you are considering. There could be a deeper issue that needs to be addressed around your general state of mind and whether you are as happy inside as you lead others to believe you are.

Unusually for your sign, you have been living in a bit of a bubble of late and whilst that has kept you isolated from the real world you have also lost touch with some of the more serious issues that impact on your life. You need to re-focus and get yourself back on track otherwise you risk drifting too far away from where you need to be right now. You are at your best when operating on a practical level and though this temporary dip into the unknown has been exciting, it’s not really you.

You’ve made great strides with a business deal this month and the outlook for the next few weeks continues to be a positive. However, you need to ensure all parties involved who have contributed to the overall success are given the recognition they deserve. If not you could have a mini-mutiny on your hands when it comes time to celebrate. The key to your success here will be communication. Get the right message out to the right people and everything will be fine.

Your sign always needs to have something going on otherwise you can become frustrated or bored. So if you are thinking about some home improvements or even a full renovation then make sure that firstly you have a plan and you’re doing this for the right reasons. Do not attempt this without implementing a proper structure otherwise it could all blow up in your lap! On a more positive note, you have an admirer and the person in question will reveal themselves to you before month end!

Lilly Light