Your stars for August with Lilly Light.

How do you fancy a break in August, just to restore some of those drained inner resources to peak performance and get you running on all cylinders again? If it sounds like an interesting prospect you should trust your instincts and book something up now. Don’t worry about the friends and family or any other concerns that might be forcing you to think twice - just consider yourself. Aries are usually assertive and forceful so act on those characteristics.

If you have been going through a difficult emotional time lately, then August offers you the chance to finally break free from the chains and reclaim your life once more. It could well be that you need a confidence booster and this may come in the form of an admirer, who has been waiting in the wings for some time and is now ready to make a move. Even if you feel unsure about a proposal for dinner or some similar advance, put your uncertainty behind you and take the chance.

The rocky road ahead in August twists and turns without much of a clear view and there will be more than a few surprises lurking in the shadows to surprise you. You may find that there is an avenue for change – perhaps in most cases for the better – in the work environment. The overall omens are good for most of the choices you will be presented with and a contact in the office may help you reach your ambitions.

The message this month is contentment and reflection as, for many Cancerians, April is a period in life that will see a project long worked upon finally come to fruition. Whether it be a business plan or a sought-after position, the signs are positive for any movement in this direction. August will also be the month when you find yourself able to appreciate the loved ones around you and family become a focal point in the coming weeks.

If you are hiding a secret from a loved one then brace yourself as the truth is about to come out. In some respects, if you have the opportunity to reveal all before all is discovered, then do so; it will make life much easier in the long run. No one likes to be deceived, but they like it even less if they discover the truth from someone else! This month is also a time when tears will be shed over a disgruntled relative who strikes out unfairly against you over matters concerning money.

The coming month sees you drawing into yourself and reflecting greatly on a past relationship that still features in your thoughts. Loved ones – a young girl in particular – also rest heavily on your mind and you are left questioning a financial decision you have made in relation to this area. You may feel somewhat isolated from a partner’s activities in August and a moment put aside to remind those closest that you need attention will not go unheeded.

Conflict and more conflict is the striking individual feature of August for many of you, especially those who are finding life a tedious routine at the moment. You may be sensing that all your hard work has really been for little result and the end product has not been worth the effort. In the home you are feeling especially down and as a consequence, your tolerance of those about you is low. Look for luck in a bush on the 28th but be careful where you park your car on the 13th.

August is a good month if you have plans to visit the bank manager for a loan or seek to expand a business venture. However, put your intended plans together well because funds will only be given to an intelligent, thought out proposal. If you are considering a move of house, then get all the advice you can find before even taking the first step. A potential pitfall is waiting for the unprepared! Any investments should be monitored and if the chance arises for a quick sale then take it.

If you have been throwing your weight around and perhaps taking advantage of your position at work, then beware because a fall is on the horizon. An opponent or colleague who has been suffering the full force of your unpleasantness may be presently seeking to turn the tables around. This is a warning for you to examine your actions and realise the error of your ways. There is still a chance if you accept the truth and change.

For many Capricorns, August brings a trip over water, perhaps to investigate a new opportunity or change of environment. This card - in connection with your sign - also points towards a journey into unfamiliar territory within a relationship – especially one, which may still be in its infancy. If you feel uncomfortable about the direction in which a love affair or marriage is going then honesty is the best policy.

If you are starting a new job or taking on a fresh role then watch out for an “old hand” who may see you as a threat and try to undermine your progress. However, an employee with grey hair and a birthmark or small scar on one side of their face will attempt to steer you along the right path and you would be advised to listen well to any words of wisdom. If you are looking into a holiday then try and delay any travel until September, since the omens before then are not particularly good.

August may prove to be a traumatic month as far as health issues in general are concerned. This will also be a time for you to undergo some serious self-assessment and place your own contributions to the family (as a whole) beneath the spotlight. On a different but equally valid note, a woman in her late forties may be spreading unkind rumours about you and you would do well to confront the matter before it gets out of hand.

Lilly Light