Your stars for July with Lilly Light

After a troubled June, life will return to some form of normality for many of you in July and you can look forward to a more balanced month. Work will be high on the agenda and a new vacancy that opens in your current company could prove to be just the incentive you need to move yourself out of a career rut. It may end up being just you and another ambitious colleague who fight it out for the position but if you play to your strengths you will hold the upper hand. Just don’t allow yourself to be intimidated and you are sure to come out on top. You may hear good news on the outcome as early as the 21st so prepare to celebrate.

Life isn’t all about money but there is no doubting that sometimes having it can help. For you, the last few months have been all about fighting to keep the ship afloat financially and it has put more than a little strain on both you and a loved one. Fortunately, a new horizon beckons and most of your financial worries will be a thing of the past by the middle of the month. This will infuse you with a new sense of confidence and assist you moving forward into other projects with more purpose and direction. It will also help matters as far as your loved ones are concerned, with a wife or partner being the main beneficiary.

For many of you, the curse of an overbearing boss or work colleague has made your days less that enjoyable and in some extreme cases even left some of you considering a complete change of career. Fortunately, this month will see you make an ally in a new employee and it will also give you the opportunity to have someone else fight your corner for you. Believe me when I say that the impact is going to be impressive. On the family front, a young child is going to need your support in the coming weeks and this may involve you having to keep a secret on their behalf so stay tight-lipped no matter what.

You may have been feeling under a great deal of strain over the last few months and the frustrating thing is that much of this related to problems that weren’t even of your own making. However, the good news is that July heralds a new dawn for you in many ways and it will see you relaxing and being better placed to enjoy the world around you. It is worth realising that you have a lot of positives in your life at the moment but sometimes small issues can grow out of all proportion and mask the good things. This month you will rise above the clouds and see things in a much clearer and illuminating fashion.

Tred carefully this month, Leo especially if you have any dealings with a Taurean or an Aries or you may find yourself in difficult waters as a consequence. Being stubborn is not going to do anyone any favours and the likelihood is that you may have a very high price to pay in the long term otherwise. The more sensible approach would be to swallow your pride and do the right thing. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like it you need to take the moral approach here. If there are children involved, then it is even more important that you factor their feelings into the equation as well. Things will come to a head quickly – possibly as soon as the 15th.

A good friend is going to come to you for assistance and a shoulder to cry on this month to help him or her through a particularly difficult time. You must confront matters of a very serious nature but it will help cement an already well-established friendship although what you take on will prove to be a long-term commitment. On a more material subject, you could be in line to purchase a new vehicle but you should take care before making your final choice. If you can, get a friend or relative to help you make your decision. The number 7 and the colour blue both have significance in this area, as are the initials A and D.

You are about to face the real possibility of taking on a new fight that is going to test your resolve and could last for many months – possibly beyond 2017 and into the next year. Above all else, you should only consider engaging in what will inevitably become a legal battle if you have the stamina and more importantly the belief in the cause. Enter this half-heartedly and you will end up regretting it later. Nothing but total commitment is required and if you adopt this attitude then you will be certain to come out on top at the end. Just remember that the dice are stacked in your favour but you have to throw them with conviction.

You can look forward to a positive time this July as health issues that have plagued you without resolution are finally resolved. For many of you the problem has centred on your skin or hair and there will be a great deal of relief – in turn bringing a new sense of purpose about you. Gemini loves to be the centre of attention; the soul in the thick of things but when your confidence is low then you often find it hard to operate. The Six of Pentacles illuminates your reading and brings with it the promise of good things and positive openings. Consider 2017 as really starting for many of you from now so make this July1st your real New Year’s Day.

The main focus for many of you this month will be children and you will have to stand your ground on an issue involving a young boy. It could have something to do with school or trouble with bullying but whatever the reason, you may have to exercise a little tact and patience before the truth finally surfaces. Once everything is out in the open, be quick to deal with it otherwise events could run away from you. The last thing you want is for someone else to take control of this situation. By the end of July things will be moving along at a considerable rate so make sure you have everything in hand to ensure you get the result you require.

After a fairly difficult time in a relationship – where many crossed words and countless arguments have hindered your progress as a couple – the world opens up for you with the chance to put things right this month. Too many people have sought to interfere with your partnership or marriage and only now, as you both decide enough is enough, are you able to see that the actions of jealous people has been the only real problem in your life. It will feel like you and a loved one have suddenly fallen in love all over again and for a time everything is going to feel like it is brand new. Learn from what has gone before so that you are not held back again through the fault of others.

You could be driven by your emotions this month and this could lead to heartache. This has inevitably made some of you more cautious over time and your attitude to love has changed to something a little more reserved. However, someone is about to enter your life and light it up in such a big way that all your inhibitions could be thrown to the wind. This new person will be fair haired, smooth talking and above all else, appear completely devoted to you. In fact, he or she will provide you with a welcomed alternative to some of the disappointments of the past and for a lucky few, could turn out to be the real deal.

This month it is all about cutting your losses and dealing with circumstances before they get any worse.  In simple terms, it is all about damage limitation for you. Those of you with money issues may end up receiving help from an unexpected source – most probably a relative you didn’t realise could help – but there will be conditions attached to any assistance provided and you may have to swallow your pride to see the deal through. On a happier note, you may get a phone call out of the blue from a long forgotten friend who is back in town and anxious to rekindle relationships.

Lilly Light