Pick n Melt This Christmas

New Candle Pick n Melt

Are you still looking for a fab festive gift for a candle lover in your life? Maybe somebody who cannot resist the sweet scent of candy?

I literally felt like a kid in a sweet shop when my box of Pick n Melt goodies arrived... The first thing to love about this brand is the packaging: The orange stripes scream fun-retro! And the tiny cubes of soy wax are so cute that I think I actually did scream.

But kiddish giddiness aside, I was impressed by the size of the tea light warmer – I know ‘size doesn’t matter!’ but it is larger than I’ve had before, with a separate bowl, which makes it safer and easier to use.

The really fun part of Pick n Melt is choosing the fragrant waxes to add to the burner... from 250 different scents, offering loads of combinations to suit personal tastes...

Oh, and when I write ‘tastes’, I don’t mean literally! This is a delicious looking brand, with an obvious retro feel of an old-school candy store, and inspiration from Pick n Mix sweets... but it is made crystal clear from the packaging and leaflets, as well as the website that these Pick n Melts are strictly NOT FOR EATING.

I’m pretty certain that my sugary cravings were curbed with the combination of excitement of the product type, the anticipation of the burning, and watching the delightful cubes merge into each other creating a splendid colourful wax picture, along with the sweet smell of the scents I’d chosen to mix and melt.

I’m fussy person about the candles I use; I go for eco-friendly waxes, and I never usually opt for sweet smells... I find them sickly and often headache inducing.... I was so pleasantly surprised with this product, whilst the scent is very distinctly chocolate, or caramel or coconut or mint or any other smell from the available catalogue... they are subtle; gradually creating a light pleasant and familiar aroma to the air...

I think this is a wonderful gift for Christmas, a real winner on so many levels... especially the Christmas Special that includes: 1 x Pick 'n' Melt Wax Warmer, Christmas Time, Christmas Spice, Robin Red Breast, Cocoa & Log Fire, Frankincense and Myrrh, Mistletoe & Wine, Festive Tree, and Snow. And if you are not a fan of blending your own waxes, you can opt for a pre-made luxury candle.

I am personally hoping that Santa gifts me a Supreme Subscription... what blends would you concoct? Check out picknmelt.com for some inspiration and information on the sweet-smelling products, including the Special deals for Christmas.

Jordan Martin