Mind Your Manners Playing Bingo

Mind Your Manners Playing Bingo

The world’s population has gone crazy for online bingo in the last decade or so. The game that had begun to feel a little passé in its traditional form at the bingo hall or at different fundraising events has had a new lease of life since being available to play online. Now, millions of people around the world are playing online bingo and bingo slots at any one time, and the number of games you can play and the sites you can play them on just keeps on growing.

One of the main reasons that online bingo is so popular is the fact that the bingo chat rooms are always full of lively chat and debate. Bingo is, in essence, a really simple game to play – and now it’s become easier to play online as you don’t even need to mark the numbers off on your cards because the software does it for you. This means that while you are watching the numbers being called and keeping an eye on how your cards are doing, you have plenty of time to do other things, including chatting with other players. For many bingo players, they’re there to chat and to play bingo, rather than the other way around!

Usually, you’ll find that everyone’s in a good mood in the bingo chat rooms as they’re all there to have fun, but in the same way as sometimes happens on Facebook or with other social platforms, people can forget their manners and end up saying something that causes offence to others. Rather than risk doing that, follow these guidelines to respect chat room etiquette at all times.

  • Don’t use capitals all the time – it will look like you’re shouting or that you’re angry about something. The exception to this rule is that every bingo chat room does have a lot of abbreviations that are often typed in capitals, such as GL (good luck), BRB (be right back if you’ve got to step away from the keyboard) and 1/2/3 TG (1/2/3/ TG).
  • Be polite – everyone is in the bingo chat room because they’re looking to have fun while they play bingo. So treat everyone with respect and you’ll get the same treatment back. If you disagree with a comment, the best policy is usually to ignore it, rather than react in a confrontational way.
  • Bingo chat rooms are wholesome places. Keep topics clean and don’t talk about anything that might cause offence to others.
  • Be kind to newbies. When people first start playing, it’s natural that they’ll have lots of questions. Once you’ve gained some experience, you can help them out and make them feel welcome – don’t get irritated by the fact that they’re asking very basic questions.
  • Bingo chat rooms are moderated by a chat host, so you’ll find that if you start trying to sell something or promoting another site too much, you may have your comments edited. Similarly, if a topic gets too controversial, it’ll probably be deleted.

Generally, these guidelines are all common sense anyway, and bingo chat rooms are places of friendly fun nine times out of ten. After all, if people didn’t want to have a good time, they wouldn’t be there.

Poppy Watt