Michael Jackson The Experience

Michael Jackson The Experience

The success of the Wii and the increasing popularity enjoyed by the PS Move and Xbox Kinect means that interactive gaming has never been in such demand. 

The latest title to hit the stores comes equipped with a majestic pedigree and a back catalogue of hits that anyone with even a passing interest in music over the last three decades will find familiar.

Michael Jackson The Experience is a title that gives gamers the opportunity to dance and sing their way through all the biggest hits of the king of pop’s repertoire, in competition against friends and family.

The idea is a well-worn one, with gamers required to mimic the moves of the onscreen dancers in an effort to achieve a better score than their opponent. Additionally those of you with microphones can also sing along to bring an added element of competition to the game.

The environments are also slightly different across the three versions, with none appearing truly outstanding. On occasions, clips of the real music videos appear in the background, but these are fleeting and make you deliberate over why the option to watch the full version isn’t available.

Testing across all three formats also reveals the Xbox to perhaps come out a little slower than its PS3 and Nintendo counterparts and this might have something to do with the Kinect needing to keep up with full body movement, rather than your right or left arm as is the case with Wii and PS Move.

Although the title is available across all three formats and the aim is the same whichever version you choose, there are still distinct differences between them all, with the Xbox and PS3 releases enjoying slightly more tracks in comparison to the Wii version and the PS3 offering allowing users to upload their pictures and videos to Facebook.

Still, the Kinect version also has some exclusives of its own, including Master Performances that allows you to perform a small portion of the song, both by dancing and then singing, before repeating it as part of an additional competitive mode.

Ultimately, whichever console you own, you are not going to be disappointed, although it has to be said that the PS3 version probably just comes out on top in a direct three way comparison, but it’s a close call and personal taste will certainly play a part if you own more than one console.

If your preference is to dance with gamers rather than taking it in turns then the PS3’s simultaneous dance-off is more enjoyable but if you have a confident bunch of friends who don’t mind the one-by-one approach then the Xbox 360 offering is well worth considering.

In conclusion, it doesn’t really matter on which format you eventually purchase this title, because whatever console you own, this is certainly a game that will entertain. Michael Jackson may not have been to everyone’s liking but as an entertainer he created some of the most memorable songs and images of the last thirty years and Michael Jackson The Experience gives you the chance to sample a little piece of that magic.

George R Vaughan


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