Making memories

Making Memories

When we’re away on holiday, at weddings or just generally enjoying ourselves, it’s not uncommon to pick up a pretty stone, shell, pinecone or postcard to hold onto the memory of that day. However, as whimsical as we may have been on the day, the stones usually take up valuable space on shelves and the shells become another thing to clean in the bathroom. There are happier outcomes for these keepsakes, you just need to collect them all together and then have a go at one of the following creative ideas. 

Try 3D framing

This sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is, but all you need is a 3D frame from Homecrafts and you can create a dreamy scene of your holiday. Because of the extra space in the frame, you can position photos, maps, and then glue shells or pinecones to the pictures to give that 3D effect and bring the whole memory together. 

Create drink coasters

To see your favourite photos every day, you can easily turn them into drinks coasters using good old Mod Podge. You will need to source yourself some 4x4 ceramic tiles, 4x4 photos, Mod Podge, felt pads for the bottom and a brush. If you follow the instructions from Cardstore you simply apply a coat of Mod Podge to the tile, stick on your photo, wait around five minutes and then apply more Mod Podge to the front of the photo. To create the protective layer, you need to apply three coats- leaving 15 minutes between each one to let them dry. Stick felt pads to the bottom of each coaster and give them three days to dry properly before you use them. 

Label up some boxes

If you have book shelves, small wooden boxes labelled with dates, places or events can be a fun way or reaching for those memories. It’s easy to source little wooden boxes, you will just have to write on them which is made more simple if you use a stencil or a fancy glitter pen. 

Stitch your maps

If you’re thinking of mounting your memories, you may want to consider stitching the road trips you’ve been on into maps. The stitching is in keeping with the old fashioned material of maps and you can add to it each time you go away. Another alternative is buying or even making a cork map of the world and pinning your keepsakes to the relevant areas! You can include everything from train tickets to restaurant receipts to make for a colourful display.

Sophie Davidson