Luxury Christmas Gift Guide

Copper Weather Clock

Luxury Christmas Gift Guide

This Christmas treat your family and friends (or perhaps just yourself) to a completely unique gift - a Bramwell Brown Mechanimated Weather Clock.

Inspired by old mechanical curiosities: the grandfather clocks and barometers of childhood. These spectacular mechanimated clocks rely on changes in air pressure to forecast the weather, with whimsical illustrations wrapped in a handsome hand-spun steel frame.

Hand assembled in Great Britain, Bramwell Brown Clocks have been putting wonder and fascination on the wall of homes all over the world. The clocks not only tell the time but they also forecast the weather with unmistakable British charm.

Concrete Weather Clock

New for 2018 is the Limited Edition Concrete Clock. Crafted from light-weight concrete, the new frame style shows off the grain-rich texture of the concrete... bringing an instant cool industrial vibe to any room. £450

Copper Weather Clock

The Copper Weather Clock remains one of Bramwell Brown's best sellers. The illustrated scene changes with the air pressure just like barometers of old; 'Very dry', ‘Fair’, 'Change', 'Rain' and 'Stormy'. £375

London Weather Clock

The London Weather Clock captures the spirit of the Capital from its unmistakable landmarks (Big Ben, London Eye, and Tower Bridge)

Also new for 2018...

Bespoke Pilots Weather Clock

This completely bespoke clock will be on the Christmas wish list of every aircraft enthusiast out there.

If you or someone in your family flies planes, hot air balloons or helicopters then this is the clock for you/them. Bramwell Brown use single or multiple images of your chosen aircraft to create two model prints to insert in amongst the moving clouds. Your aircraft, showing its usual numbers and colours will zoom back and forth amongst the changing weather as the clouds move with different forecasts.

In addition to the bespoke aircraft image, you can also include a personalised message on the clock face. Simply choose your desired text and it will be added in the space below the clock hands. £600

It began at the kitchen table

The founders Rob and Sarah are a brother and sister team, London-based but proud of their Lancashire roots.

They trace their love of curious mechanical objects back to childhood – to Sunday afternoons when their dad would stand in the hall to wind the grandfather clock, then tap on the barometer to see what the weather might be up to that day.

Old clock mechanics and curious analogue time-pieces have a peculiar charm. At the heart of Bramwell Brown is a fascination with spinning cogs and whizzing parts.

They looked everywhere for a mechanical barometer in an appealing design – but couldn’t find one, anywhere.

So they decided to design one themselves: at the kitchen table, surrounded by card, split pins and Sellotape, building what was a very basic initial prototype.

Far more technical prototypes ensued, once they had found some expert engineering help, refined and refined and refined again over the course of two years, and eventually they had the first Mechanimated Clock, which we launched in 2015.

So here is your opportunity to enhance your home with a unique timepiece from Bramelll Bown – click here for more details.

Poppy Watt