How Often Should You Do Basic Car Checks?

Regularly check your car oil.

How Often Should You Do Basic Car Checks?

In your day-to-day life, you likely depend on your car to get things done. Whether it’s the shopping, going to work or running the kids to school, your car needs to be in peak condition always. It’s no secret that vehicles around the world are prone to breaking down, so you need your car to be safe too. Of course, there’s a way to minimise the chances of any automobile related issues so your life can go on uninterrupted.

Basic car checks are essential and can help keep your car alive for that little bit longer. After all, what’s basic is essential and can’t be ignored. Even if you acquire a quality used car from brilliant companies like AA, at some point under your ownership it will need some TLC.  Consequently, you should be combing through your car components regularly to maximise your vehicle's safety and efficiency! Here’s what to check, and how often to check it! 


The most common culprit of faultiness, a flat tyre is the bane of a great many drivers. Therefore, you should give your tyres at least a nudge with your foot on a fortnightly basis. After all, flat tyres are notoriously dangerous and cause the main bulk of UK car related accidents, so keeping them pumped up and road ready is vital. There’s no excuse for this one, as a mechanic hardly must come out and your car doesn’t need to be serviced to set things right!

Engine Oil

An incredibly important part of the car, the engine oil is another bit that needs fortnightly care. After all, it prevents parts of the engine become overly frictional and generating heat, acting as an essential lubricant. In some instances, you will need to check on the oil more than once every two weeks, particularly if your lifestyle demands you undertake frequent long-distance driving.


Think about how often the lights inside your house need a bulb change. Fairly often, right? Of course, when your headlights conk, the consequences can be much more life threatening, particularly if you often undertake a night time drive. Give them a quick flash and test on a weekly basis – better they fault on the driveway than when you’re on uncharted country lanes come nightfall!

Number Plates

It’s not asking for a lot to check your number plates. This is because if they are found dirty by the authorities you can be prosecuted by law, so make sure they’re clean. Make sure each letter and number are clearly visible and easily read from a distance. If there is any dirt at all on the surface of the plate, scrub it straight off. In the end, this is as basic as it gets, and any neglect of this area of your car can be extremely punishing to your wallet!  

Poppy Watt