Grand National Parties

Grand National Parties
Can't get tickets to the races? We provide the ultimate guide to hosting your own Grand National party at home.

So you didn’t get tickets to this year’s Grand National and while it is a pity, you are determined not to miss watching the races in your finest gear, with a glass of champagne in hand. We can certainly commend you on this and we like your style.

Paddy Power also love the Aintree Festival Betting, so much so that they have come up with an ultimate guide to hosting your own Grand National party at home.

The Décor
We love the idea of horse shaped place holders for a sit down dinner and they should cost you less than £10. To make these wonderful place holders, you will need a bag of plastic horses, a can of black chalk spray paint as well as some chalk to write your guests names. Simply spray the horses black and place them aside to dry, once dry write your guests names and place around the table. So simple yet so elegant.

Another great touch to your Grand National party is, of course, bunting. There is a wide variety of bunting available for any style of party, but we love this elegant bunting available here

There is nothing quite like a beautiful centre piece and we love this idea of using a trophy as a vase. Whether you go small like the one pictured below, or use a bigger trophy for a more elaborate centre piece, this is a wonderful touch to any table. 

The Food
Food is a vital part of any great party, leaving your guests happy and content. For finger snacks we love the idea of horse themed cookies. Ones similar to those pictured below can be made by using shaped cookie cutters and iced to suit the horse you’re betting on at the Grand National. 

For party snacks that can be left around the viewing area, placing crisps or pretzels in a bucket named ‘Trail Mix’ is a great way to get into the spirit of the Grand National. 

For some more savoury options we love these carrot, sweet potato and feta fritters, the recipe can be found here. They play off the horse theme superbly, highlighting the Grand National in all its glory. 

Carrot soup, roasted carrots or carrot cake would also be a great way to feed your guests while playing on the carrot theme. 

The Drinks
What is a party without some drinks? As always, the best racing party drinks would of course be Pimms. However, for those who enjoy something a bit bubblier, why not try a bit of champagne? Decorating mason jars with miniature horse emblems is a great way to bring the Grand National theme to your event. 

Poppy Watt