Eco Garden February

Bulbs will be beginning to peep through

Eco Garden February

If we incorporate just a little eco-gardening into our outdoor efforts this year, we can affect our overconsumption of natural resources, reduce waste and make a positive contribution to the planet.

Lilly Light looks at a few positive changes we can make in our garden this month.

February means spring is approaching, with bulbs appearing, birds and wildlife reacting to increasing levels of light and temperatures. The garden and its wildlife residents are beginning to come to life again.

Things to do…

Flowers, Fruit, and Veg – This is the ideal time for sowing and planting.

If an established patch of bulbs is blooming less and less, the bulbs have probably become overcrowded - a signal to dig and divide.

Prepare vegetable seed beds, and sow some undercover, what you plant in your kitchen garden this month will help provide you with a delicious crop for the rest of the summer. Try these: Carrots Cabbage, Broccoli, and Tomatoes    

Grow flowers and herbs with vegetables to increase nectar production and attract predator insects. Leave seed heads on grasses and flowers for the birds until early spring, when they can be cut back as new growth emerges.

For those of you who have the opportunity to show your flowers off in a window box, bringing an extra shot of colour to your home is always an inviting bonus.

Trees and shrubs – If hedges need trimming, do so after the birds have eaten the berries (but before the nesting season begins in March) 

Plant trees, shrubs, and hedges in milder weather – not only ideal for borders, structure and natural shade but provide a perfect habitat for wildlife. Trees reduce soil erosion and slow down water runoff. They improve air quality by removing and storing carbon and releasing oxygen.

Greenhouses –A hothouse or greenhouse can take your gardening to another level. You may have an interest in orchids or ferns, or want to use the space to give your spring seedlings an early start.

Water  Love the planet with water-wise gardening! A rain garden is surely the most beautiful way to conserve water. Dig a large shallow hollow where storm water collects, and catch and hold it for a day or two as it gently soaks away. Plant the rain garden with plants that don’t mind wet feet for a few days in the middle, wettest part, and other more drought-resistant plants towards dryer edges.

Store the runoff rainwater from shed and greenhouse roofs in barrels and butts and use for watering plants.

Birds and wildlife – Peanuts make a delicious snack for our feathered friends. Stock up your bird table with a selection of nuts, leftover bacon rind, fat balls, and dried fruit or hang fat balls in a tree. Frosty days mean hungry birds so check your birdbaths and ponds and remove any ice and if you are feeling adventurous why not put up a nesting box. 

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Lilly Light

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