Diamond Memories

Memorial Diamonds

Letting go of someone who meant the world to you is extremely difficult. Having to let go because the person has passed away is even more excruciating as there is no hope of their return. There is no other choice, but to learn to adapt without their presence. All that is left of someone after they die is the memories, a name on a gravestone or an urn, a bunch of pictures and their old belongings. 

We all wish that we could keep more than these items of someone we cherish, something that will make us feel connected to them for eternity. The most we have been able to do in order to continue feeling the presence of a loved one who passed away is keep their ashes in an urn somewhere in the home. This is something that does not impart the satisfaction and peace we are yearning for. 

Fortunately, for those of us looking for a deeper connection companies like LONITÉ have been working on 'memorial diamonds' over the years and it is now possible to preserve the precious memory of a deceased loved one in a way that truly lives up to their memories.

Creating memorial diamonds out of your loved one is one of the few ways through which you can forever cherish someone who has left this world and feel the connection that existed when they were alive.

What Are Memorial Diamonds?One thing that defines us as humans is our tendency to love unconditionally when it comes to our family and friends. Every moment transforms into a magical one when we look back at it and becomes particularly special if the person who is part of the memory besides us leaves this world. Something that gives you an eternal connection with the person is extremely appealing and is an opportunity most would grab - memorial diamonds do the trick for you. 

Memorial diamonds are high-quality certified diamonds made from ashes or hair of the person you lost. They are a commemoration of every memory you had with them and their life on this earth. LONITÉ transforms ashes and hair to memorial diamonds to give you something that will stay with you till the end of time and will preserve the memory of your loved one forever. The artificially constructed diamonds are formed from the carbon DNA that they extract from the cremated remains of a human being. They become a part of the heirlooms that are passed on from generation to generation, keeping the memory of a person alive.

How Are Memorial Diamonds Made?

Making memorial diamonds from ashes or hair is not a quick process, but is one that takes time and effort. The results, however, are worth every effort and the wait that may take months.

The process of turning ashes into memorial diamonds involves several steps for which the most crucial ingredient is, of course, the ashes or hair of the person you want to create a lasting memory of.

Several ounces of ash are placed in a massive heat resistant container and the mixture is then heated at extremely high temperatures that results in the oxidisation of all the elements except carbon. The carbon is heated until it transforms into graphite. This heating process itself takes a few weeks to successfully follow through. The graphite is then placed in a core with a metallic catalytic agent and a diamond seed crystal before being placed in a diamond press. The temperature is then decreased to about half the original level and pressure is also applied. The graphite is left there for several weeks until it transforms into a rough crystal. The crystal is then removed and cut according to your specifications by experts using faceting tools.

Carbon is the basis of every diamond that is present in this world, be it a naturally formed one or one that is man-made. It is also present in all living things. Transforming ashes or hair into a breath-taking stone that stays with you for life is something that may seem impossible, but has in fact been possible for more than a decade.

What to Do With Your Memorial Diamond?

There are so many things you can do with memorial diamonds! The possibilities are endless. The aim of having a memorial diamond made was so you can feel the presence of the person whose ashes were used to make it.

Having it cut into a piece of jewellery to wear it on you at all times is the perfect step for you to take. Have the memorial diamond placed in a ring or set on a delicate chain to wear around your neck at all times. Wearing memorial diamonds as rings is one of the most popular ways people choose to follow when deciding where to place the memorial diamond.

If you do not want to set the memorial diamond in a piece of jewellery, then you can simply keep it in a diamond case. What matters is that you have a personal and unique memorial of the person you love, and that you want to keep it with you forever.

The object was to create an eternal keepsake from the ashes of someone special and ashes to diamonds help you achieve that in one of the most unique manners possible in UK. In the end, what matters is that you have a keepsake of the person you love in the form of something that will retain its beauty till the end of time.

Let Your Love Last For Eternity

Memorial diamonds are your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a memory for a loved one without having to watch it fade with time. Diamonds retain their value with time, which means that the presence of your beloved will stay for infinity.

Now, instead of having to watch a person turn into a pile of ashes inside an urn and be kept away from any danger, you can transform them with a matchless gesture. The process may take some time to complete and may even cost you a significant amount, but nothing is too costly when it comes to the love we have for our family and friends.

Memorial diamonds are an investment in terms of monetary value and emotional worth. You cannot put a price on your love for someone and nothing you do can ever be enough when it comes to them. The depth of your emotions deserves to be portrayed in the best light possible and what can be better than it shining as bright as a diamond by becoming an actual diamond!

Your time of wondering how to commemorate the memory of your loved ones is over! Memorial diamonds are your solution to the perfect way to honour someone special. They are the best in every sense, be it their everlasting value and worth or the perfect manner in which they honour the soul that left this world. Keep them right next to you in the form of memorial diamonds and be comforted by their soothing presence in your life.

Katie Johnson