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Green Tea and Passion Fruit

Ambiance Candles is a new company from a wife and husband team that along with candles also provides gentle paraben-free products for your skincare needs…

How many scented candles hit the bin in your house because, after the initial bright period when fragrance wafts across the room, they become lopsided, blacken any glass holder and lose their perfume?  And how many exfoliators leave your skin gritty and feeling like it has been sandblasted?

Oh for some quality, environmentally friendly candles and skincare products thought Ruth Hibbins-Butler, and oh for some manly fragrances thought husband Tim.

That was 18 months ago when they both did and didn’t see the light. No light at the end of their search for such products but a definite light up moment when they realised, you know what?  We will fill the gap in the market. 

And so Ambiance Candles was born, starting up in October 2010 and launching a range of quality UK-made hand-poured candles in 18 different scents as well as environment and health-friendly paraben-free luxury sugar and salt exfoliators, sumptuous body butters and also sulphate-free shower gels.

The best sellers have become the natural exfoliators in the body products and the raspberry and quince candle (remember the fragrance of Fruit Salad sweets?) and their green tea and passion fruit reed diffuser.

There are certainly some fabulous fragrances, some specifically designed to appeal to men or to women buying for their menfolk, like tomato and blackcurrant, vanilla and chilli and the one that smells like Black Jack sweets, blackcurrant and liquorice

“There are more and more men buying candles and diffusers,” says Ruth, “They buy the ones that don’t smell girlie, and look unisex. That’s why we went for the black packaging, which appeals to both sexes and suggests a quality product.”

And it was husband Tim who created the company strap line “Create the perfect atmosphere.”

And that atmosphere can also be midgie-free if you go for their Wee-Midgie candle and vitamin enriched body butter with essential oils of lavender and myrtle. “The candle won best product award (2010) and the body butter was highly commended (2011) in Scotland so you can be sure they will work anywhere!” says Ruth.  And oh to dispense with those awful citronella products guaranteed to put you off the barbecue food.

Both Ruth and Tim go out promoting and selling, at private parties, fêtes and fairs and Tim, who was formerly in the leasing industry, is now working full time on the business. Ruth, whose day job is building systems to monitor elite athletes, is the web expert.

The husband and wife team jointly decide on fragrances and suppliers and keep all stock for dispatch themselves to ensure immediate delivery by a handpicked courier company. All candles are handmade, many using pure essential oils and the 100% natural plant wax Black Box collection is vegan friendly as the candles do not contain beeswax. You can expect the diffusers to last between three and five months as long as you don’t position them above a radiator and just keep turning the reeds.  And candles should burn for some 40 to 70 hours, or more, depending upon the size chosen.

If you want a gentle, lasting fragrance, or skin care kind to the flesh Ambiance Candles products are well worth a try. If they seem on the expensive side remember it’s a luxury product that brings both quality and longevity, and therefore delivers real value for money. These candles are not about to run out of the sweet smell of excess!

For more information and details of all products visit Ruth’s fabulous website at

Patricia McLoughlin

Those generous people at Ambiance Candles are offering one lucky subscriber the chance to win 2 of their Black Box Candles in a scent of their choice.

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