Absolutely Delighted

The Happy Couple!

It’s not just Prince William and Kate Middleton who are engaged – it is the whole of the UK and, in particular, the media overcome with “delight” at the impending royal nuptials.

Having, we are told, kept their engagement secret for more than a month, the couple informed the Queen and Prince Charles and Buckingham Palace issued their “absolutely delighted” statement.

Prince Harry, apparently, is similarly “delighted” to be getting a sister “which I have always wanted."

Kate's parents Michael and Carole, a former pilot and air stewardess, were "absolutely delighted".

The wedding will take place in the spring or summer of 2011, in London, and, no doubt, there will be delight in abundance before during and after the ceremony. 

Prime Minister David Cameron was sure “the whole country will wish them an incredibly long and happy life together." And revealed that at 15 when Prince Charles married Diana at St Paul's Cathedral the PM slept on The Mall to join the celebrations. No doubt “delighted”.

In Kate's home village, Bucklebury in Berkshire, locals were especially “delighted” for the Middletons, one local declaring, "They are nice, ordinary family.”

One thing’s for certain, young Kate will never be ordinary again.  The Diana factor has kicked in. 

And, if we’re honest we know it’s not all going to be a bed of royal bouquet roses

But for now, let’s all enjoy the delight.


Patricia McLoughlin