10 Facts That Everyone Gets Wrong About Vaping


Everyone has an opinion about vaping products but some of them are based on downright inaccurate information. You don’t have to be a fan of vape pens to understand that they’re safe to use in public and don’t produce any vapors that could be harmful to the health of others. Here are the top 10 facts about vaping that most people seem to be getting wrong. You’ll also learn about the difference between vaporizers and standard vape pens as you get the scoop on fact versus fiction when it comes to vaping.

Check out why vaping sometimes gets a bad rap.

1. Vaping Produces Second Hand Smoke

Whether you’re using a portable vape pen or a standard sized vaporizer, there is absolutely no smoke produced. Cigarettes and cigars produce smoke because of the tobacco that’s burned when they’re smoked by users. On the other hand, vaporizers utilize liquid chemicals that have been deemed safe by the FDA to emit a vapor that is not harmful to the environment.

2. Vape Pens Are Prone to Exploding

Maybe you’ve heard a horror story or two about a vape pen exploding in somebody’s pocket, or a well-meaning friend told you a rumor about vaping products being recalled. The fact of the matter is that vape pens use rechargeable batteries that have to be cared for just as if they were being used in a different electronic device. As long as you use your vape pen in a safe manner and don’t misuse the battery in any way, there’s not a chance that it’s going to explode.

3. Vaping Is Enticing to Kids

Vaping might be an alternative to using tobacco but it has never been for, or marketed to, users under the age of 18. In fact, there’s absolutely no evidence to suggest that the manufacturers of vaporizers or vape pens have ever targeted their products towards children. Just because some vaping oils come in fruity flavors doesn’t mean that they’re supposed to be appealing to kids.

4. Vaporizers Lack Regulation

Every vaping product you see on the market has been FDA approved, meaning that it is safe for consumption. Now, this may not have always been the case but you won’t find a vape pen or vaporizer sold in stores without a stamp of approval from the FDA. If you’re new to vaporizers, you can learn more about how they differ to vape pens at http://vaping360.com/vaporizers/.

5. Nicotine Use Leads to Cancer

Nicotine can be found in the vast majority of all vaping products and nicotine is also addictive. On the other hand, there has never been a single scientific study that has suggested that nicotine causes cancer.

6. You Can Catch Pneumonia by Vaping

Tobacco users may be more prone to developing bronchitis and even pneumonia because smoking is harmful to your cardiovascular health. Comparing vaping to tobacco use in this manner doesn’t make much sense, but there’s been a lot of conjecture that vaping can lead to users developing a case of pneumonia. Vaping has never been shown to be related to an increased chance of developing pneumonia.

7. Vaping Can Make You Want to Use Tobacco

There’s also the myth that vaping actually causes users to crave tobacco. While vape pens and vaporizers do use oils and cartridges that can contain nicotine, that’s the only addictive quality that they have. You can use a vape pen cartridge that is nicotine free and still enjoy the flavor and sensations.

8. Vaping Is Just as Bad for Your Health As Using Tobacco

Cigarettes contain thousands upon thousands of chemicals. Some of those chemicals can be found in household cleaners and they just aren’t good for your health. Vaping doesn’t produce smoke, it doesn't constrict your airways and can also be done without the use of nicotine. Vaping is nowhere near as dangerous as using tobacco, even on an occasional basis.

9. Vaping Can’t Help Smokers Quit

Most tobacco users are not only addicted to the nicotine and chemicals contained in cigars and cigarettes, they also have an oral fixation. Vaping may remind them of the ritual of lighting up a cigarette and taking a puff, but it is much, much safer. Using vaping products can be helpful for tobacco users who want to quit but aren’t ready to give up nicotine altogether. You can read more about this here.

10. Vape Pens Are as Unhealthy As Cigarettes

Using vaping products may not be the healthiest habit to pick up in the world but it is also not as bad as many people would like to think. People who are opponents of tobacco use tend to think that vaping products are more harmful than they really are. Once you do the research you will find that vaping is allowed in all public and most private places - including bars and clubs - because it isn’t majorly harmful or in any way comparative to cigarettes.

You can vape at home, at the park, or even in a casino because science has shown that there’s no second-hand smoke involved. If you’re trying to quit tobacco, vaping can be a good way to transition to being completely tobacco free. Now that you know the truth about vaping you may want to consider whether it is an option for you personally. 

Katie Johnson