Win an Elegant G.A.T Espresso Coffee Pot

The G.A.T Espresso Coffee Pot

If you want really good espresso coffee at home there’s no simpler way to get it than with a colourful and cute Stove Top Espresso Coffee Pot from Italian maestros, G.A.T.

Stove-top espresso makers (also referred to as espresso or moka pots) are a simple and affordable way to brew espresso style coffee.

A stove-top uses steam pressure to brew a strong coffee with espresso characteristics like added texture, viscosity and flavour. They certainly make a great alternative to more expensive and space taking genuine espresso machines.

The beautifully designed G.A.T Winner Stove Top Espresso Coffee Pots come in orange, purple, green or blue and are available in three sizes – 4/6/10 cups.

Your choice of size depends on whether you are planning on drinking straight espresso, in which a 1-3 cup maker will be just fine or whether you want to create lattes and cappuccinos, when a 4-cup or larger maker will be a better choice.  

Suitable for use on all hob types, excluding induction, the Winner Stove Top Espresso Coffee Pots have non-stick linings in the lower chamber for quick and convenient use and cleaning.

Made from high quality 18/10 aluminum and stainless steel with a silicone gasket, the coffee pot is recyclable but not suitable for the dishwasher.

With simplicity and cost saving, these are pots of distinction - retailing at 4 Cup £36.95/6 Cup £44.95/10 Cup £59.95, and come with a one year guarantee against manufacturing and functional defects.

Directions for use:

1. Add cold water to the bottom chamber and fill just to the steam release valve inside.

2. Insert the funnel shaped metal filter and fill with ground coffee.

3. Tightly screw the top chamber on top of the bottom chamber and place your espresso maker on the stovetop. I suggest a relatively high heat, but after a few tries you’ll learn what works the best for you.

4. When heated, steam pressure pushes the water through the filter containing the coffee into the top chamber. The coffee is ready when it makes a characteristic gurgling sound.

5. Pour your coffee in a cup and enjoy.

After use, a thin coat of oily coffee residue is left lining the interior of the stems, filters and upper chamber. It is said to be desirable to retain this residue, as it subsequently prevents coffee from acquiring an unpleasant metallic taste through contact with the aluminum wall.

I am happy to say that this is one of the quickest Stove-top espresso makers   I have ever used with perfect results every time.

Poppy Watt.


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