There is nothing more traditional after Turkey and trimmings than a fun game involving all the family.

Based on Alexander Armstrong’s witty and compelling BBC TV quiz show, with Pointless, University games brings all the best features straight from the television studio to your own living room.

For ages 10 years plus and for 2-4 players or teams the aim is to fight against your natural instincts as you try to score the least number of points by guessing the least popular answers to general knowledge questions.

Each question in the game has been surveyed to a group of 100 people who are asked to give as many answers as they can within 100 seconds. Questions are list based and will have numerous possible answers, for example…

‘Name a film staring Tom Cruise’

For every one of the hundred people asked that gives the same answer, the players or teams receive one point. So, if 75 people say ‘Top Gun’ for example, then that answer would be worth 75 points to the players or teams in this game. Unfortunately, on Pointless, this is a disastrous answer, because the aim of the game is to be the player or team to score the least amount of points! A far better answer would have been to say ‘Legend’ which carries a score of only 12.

Any answer given that none of the 100 people remembered would, therefore, be worth zero points- these are pointless answers and are the holy grail for players in Pointless.

This game will produce tension and excitement amongst the players and in my case outbursts of general giddiness.

University games use five basic principles to make great games:

  • People generally want to play right away with simple instructions - Their games are easy to learn so you can start playing in five minutes!
  • People hate to wait - Their games keep all players involved, even when it's not their turn.
  • People love a challenge - Their games are varied every time you play.
  • People want to win - Their games combine luck and skill, so every player has a chance to win.
  • Parents want educational activities for their kids - Their games make learning fun.

Certainly all these principles were coved when playing Pointless and ‘good fun was had by all’.

Poppy Watt

For your chance to win your very own game of Pointless answer the following question:

Name another game made by University games?

If you’re stuck for the answer then visit www.universitygames.co.uk for a little help!

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