Drumond Park giveaway.

Family Fun with Drumond Park Games

Drumond Park Easter giveaway.

Provide your family with hours of holiday fun and entertainment with the Drumond Park Easter Competition.

The prize will consist of the following games duo:

Dig In!

(rrp £19.99, age 8-99!)

This is a fabulously easy, but deceptively challenging and frantically fun game, suitable for all ages, from about 8 upwards – and perfect for Easter holiday gatherings and get-togethers!  In this ridiculously simple game up to four players at a time dig into a bowl of colourful everyday items to find the six objects pictured on their card.  Each card has pictures of six very recognisable items - an ice cream, dog, plane, rabbit, boat, scissors, starfish, teddy etc. - on it; each one a particular colour.  Using both hands you have just 15 seconds to rummage through the contents of the bowl and find all of your objects before the timer goes off! 

Rapidough (rrp £27.99, age 8+)

Completing the Easter entertainment, the uproariously funny Rapidough family team game of modelling charades, perfectly fits the bill with its hundreds of simple, interesting new everyday objects to sculpt.  There’s never a dull moment, as everyone gets stuck in and plays at once, in every round!  The Modeller in each team takes a card and then attempts to sculpt the word or words shown into a shape, as their team mates begin their frenzied attempts to guess what’s emerging from the coloured modelling dough. The Modellers are only allowed to say “yes” or “no”, and must ignore any guesses from members of the opposing teams. 

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Poppy Watt

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This competition has now closed.