Home Design

Space Saving Tricks
Space Saving
As spring approaches many people will be thinking of de-cluttering their homes. You could be
Kitchen Bliss
Make That Kitchen Beautiful
You look at your tired cabinets and decide it's time to give your kitchen a much-needed make over
Colour Psychology
Have you noticed your mood changing based on your surroundings?
Have you noticed your mood changing based on your surroundings? From colour to natural light, a
The Fairest Of Them All
For All Your Mirror Needs - Mirrordeco
From the first ‘looking glass’ of 6000BC, the humble mirror has transformed in modern times to
A Box For Frocks!
Make it perfect make it yours!
Because nobody wants a “floordrobe”. Once upon a time a walk-in wardrobe would have been
A Time To Study!
A Time To Study!
Since 1998, the number of stay at home workers has increased by 2 million, with the majority of
Photogenic Gardens!
Photogenic Gardens
A recent survey about Important Places in the Home from Worldstores.co.uk has found that 9 out of
Energy Efficiency
How Energy Efficient Are You?
If you’re wondering whether your home is energy efficient or not, you might want to get an energy
Floral Wallpapers
A floral wallpaper can really create atmosphere
Are the dark winter days getting you down? Are you just getting over the indulgences of the winter
Home Help!
Give Your House The Wow Factor!
The housing market is competitive. If you want your home to stand out from other properties it’s