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I've recently been asked about what is currently in fashion for the home, and this is a question I
1. First decide how the new basement will be used.The starting point is to work out how the new
Sabichi Rugs
Poppy Watt looks at Sabichi rugs. With 34 designs available there is something for everyone! Each
Home Buying
Buying your home is filled with pitfalls
It might have been a wet summer but it’s been a pretty exciting one with so much pomp &
Paper Projects
Hanging wallpaper is an are form
Yesterday I saw the most beautiful hand printed wallpaper and it got me thinking how everyone
Jubilee Fever
The Master Jack Armchair
Made.com are one of the leading innovators of quality furniture and household accessories and with
Pillow Talk
There's nothing like a bed...
Laura Holmes is an interiors and events stylist based between West Dorset and London. “I live
Time to Take Up DIY!
DIY for Easter!
Lent is here and that means the start of the countdown to the busiest DIY weekend of the year. Yep
Bin Sensé
Stash your trash in techno style with The Sensé Bin
Tired of pedal bins that stand out for all the wrong reasons or never quite work the way you
Brighten the Heart of your Home
Revitalise Your Kitchen
The heart of the home is normally the kitchen; and there is nothing more frustrating then having a