Wood Burning Stoves

The Charnwood Skye available from Ludlow Stoves

Wood Burning Stoves

There is nothing quite like a real fire to give that enduring warmth to your home.

Charnwood, UK manufacturers of multi-fuel & wood burning stoves since 1972 do just that. Designed and built on the Isle of Wight, using the latest technology, their clean burning stoves burn wood, coal and smokeless fuels at maximum efficiency and output low emissions, giving you a clear view of the fire whilst heating your home in a very efficient manner.

Wood is a renewable fuel, and therefore the environmental benefits of using a wood burner to heat your house are considerable. With high prices of oil and gas, burning wood and solid fuel to heat your home also makes great economic sense.

The ability of the Charnwood multi fuel stoves to burn both wood and solid fuels gives you flexibility when your first choice of fuel is not available.

We looked at two of the Charnwood designs:

The charnwood skye – with an innovative combustion system, this ensures it burns exceptionally cleanly with outstanding efficiency and sets a new benchmark for stoves.

Its innovative burn technology ensures efficiencies of up to 86% and exceeds the new eco design standards and defra exemption limits; allowing wood to be burnt cleanly in smoke control areas.

As thoughtful in style as it is in function the skye has a refreshing design aesthetic; classically minimal with landscape proportions and a soft modern edge.

The contemporary looking skye, with it's statement curves and minimalist controls, will be available in all 8 of Charnwood’s current colour palette and can be ordered with or without a log stand option.

The Charnwood Arc – a contemporary design with modern lines. Fuel saving: over 80% efficient when burning wood or smokeless fuel. Environmentally friendly: exceptionally low smoke emissions. Exceeding the new eco design standards and defra exemption limits.

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Poppy Watt