WILD Animal Bookcases!!

Leon the Lion

WILD Animal Bookcases!!

Whether your youngest is an animal FANATIC or an avid reader of children’s books, they’re sure to adore the latest WILD range of Animal Bookcases from Red Candy.

Perfect for adding a dab of imagination-fuelling magic to your little darling’s space, the bookcases come in a variety of shapes and styles and are sure to impress your little lions and unicorn princess. The pieces can be used to store books, favourite toys, and can even be used as a desk for homework and drawing. Brilliant huh?

Red Candy was launched in 2009, as the world’s first red-only website. Literally, every product they stocked, from clocks & colanders to mugs & magazine racks, was red!

However, at the request of our customers, they soon decided to push forward and embrace colours from all ends of the spectrum and have not looked back since.

We were particularly drawn to these unique bookcases and think you will be too. Especially good for any Kid’s Room pieces that you’re currently working on!

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Poppy Watt