Three Investment Pieces for Your Home In 2019

The focal point of most living rooms

The new year is fast approaching and many of us will feel the call of ‘out with the old and in with the new’ attitude. Maybe you’ve already started clearing out your wardrobes and kitchen cupboards, making space for all the newness that’s to come. It’s only natural to think of fresh beginnings at this time of year and our home interiors are not exception. If you’re in the mood to refresh the look of your home in 2019, then below are the pieces to invest in for maximum impact.


Sofas are the focal point of most living rooms and they’re actually quite tricky to get right. Since sofas take up a large amount of space in a room, they must be stylish, but because we spend so much time lounging on them, they need to be comfortable too. Getting this balance right requires some forethought. For example, you could make your sofa the style accent of the room by choosing a style in a bold colour, forest green or deep indigo, or a statement fabric like velvet or leather. Another option is to go for a neutral sofa that you can adopt to suit different décor styles with a simple change of cushions and throws. Whatever you feel suits your home most, make sure to shop around and try a few styles out in person to check that the sofa has comfort going for it as well as looks. Click here to check out some stylish sofas to suit every home.


The sideboard is an interesting piece of furniture which has recently reclaimed its popular status thanks to a resurgent interest in mid-century design. This sizable piece of furniture could be a fantastic addition to any home. There are many styles available to suit everyone, from sleek monochromatic pieces to solid oak designs. Why get a sideboard? Besides looking great, sideboards can help to streamline the look of a room by providing extra storage space (who can turn that down?) and create some extra styling opportunities. It can be used like a room divider, as a TV stand or in the dining room, proving just how versatile it is. A sideboard is also a new styling opportunity; add plants and decorative candles on top, hang a piece of art, making a style story out of the area.


Arguably the piece of furniture with the most influence on your daily mood, the bed is definitely where you should think of spending your money. An upholstered style in a colour and fabric of your choosing is a timeless investment due to its simplicity and versatility. Couple this with a sturdy bedframe and you’ve got the foundation of a great night’s sleep sorted. If fabric finishes aren’t your thing then browse the many solid wood frames that will suit a variety of décor styles. Pair the sturdy bedframe with a good quality mattress and you’ll be on your way to getting hotel-quality sleep in your own home.