Spring breeze at Pixers

Spring Tree

Spring breeze at Pixers

Spring favours all changes. Nature comes to life, and the world becomes more beautiful each day - flowers and bushes bloom and the meadows and parks finally become green. The days get longer, we have more energy and ideas. No wonder we give ourselves to the ritual of spring cleaning and renovations. We want our homes to be as beautiful as the spring landscape!

Wallpapers inspired by the awakening nature is the best way to welcome spring. On this occasion at Pixers we have arranged compositions, which are characterized by floral patterns and leaf motifs as well as delicate, refreshing colours.

The spring palette is primarily all about green. Pastels and subdued colours dominate, broken with a juicy shade of young leaves and fresh blades of grass. Of course, the accents in other colours cannot be omitted. Finally, the spring meadow shimmers with colourful petals of flowers. Green is best complemented by white backgrounds or patterns and all shades of yellow and pink.

Floral patterns are often associated with old-fashioned wallpaper that once decorated the apartments of our grandparents or parents. However, in the Pixers edition, floral patterns bring a touch of nostalgia in a new, fresh form. Modern graphics, innovative materials and prints are nothing like the wall decorations from years ago.

Looking at the spring arrangements, we can feel as if we were at the florist’s, when we look at the colourful bunches of flowers to choose the perfect bouquet for one of the special occasions. Among the compositions prepared by a distinguished florist, we can see an elegant bunch of exotic flowers, ideal for people who value originality.

Lovers of simplicity and transparent forms will also find something for themselves. Ferns and other decorative leaves are a spring must have in the interiors in Scandinavian and minimalist style, which can turn towards boho, if we tempt it with the appropriate accessories.

The florist shop we visited was full of bouquets for real romantics, who today prefer sophisticated magnolias, charming daisies and cherry blossoms instead of red roses. Nostalgic and at the same time very contemporary designs. They are just right to combine with simple, light furniture or, if we want them to keep their second, nostalgic face, with a sofa or an étagère from the 1950s, 60s, and even 70s.

Flowers, and above all greenery are very universal decorations, because the impression they create never overwhelms, on the contrary - it brings freshness and soothes the senses. The salutary power of nature also works through the walls, so it is worth decorating the bedroom, the living room, as well as the kitchen and the dining room with greenery, to enjoy the positive energy prevailing throughout the house.

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Poppy Watt