Sofa so good!

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Sofa so good!

Whether you are watching your favourite film, playing video games, participating in online games or just curling up with a good book the key to maximise your enjoyment at home is of course comfort.

Your furniture plays an important role in the look and feel of your room. Our sofa is generally the largest component of our living room and will take centre stage. Therefore, not only should it bring comfort but also style. 

I hate to think how many times I have been engrossed in a film or book and then realised I was cold or uncomfortable – Too many to recollect! 

So here is the key to helping maximise your comfort whilst choosing the right sofa.

Seat depth

Seat depth is important when choosing a sofa because your height can impact how comfortable you will find the sofa. The seat should allow you to sit comfortably without having to use a throw pillow (although these are decorative accessories, we all love so much!) Ideally, your thighs should be supported by the sofa. The knees should be bent at a 90-degree angle when seated and the feet should touch the floor.

Seat Height

Naturally, this is dependant on your own personal height. Tall people can feel as though they are simply squatting instead of sitting while shorter people can find their legs dangling above the floor like children. This is why seat height is so important for the most comfortable seating. 

Cushion Filling

The filling used on bottom and back cushions can make a huge difference for comfortable sofas. High-density foam is quite common and is known for its comfort and durability. However, down or wool is also popular and is generally considered to be the best option when it comes to a more relaxed vibe. However, with down and feathers, the filling may shift a bit and the cushions will need to be fluffed on a regular basis to keep the original form. 

Back Height

The height of the back of the sofa will depend on your preferences and your height. The back height for the most comfortable couch generally ranges from 26” to 32”. For taller people, a higher back height can make the sofa seem more comfortable since it has a taller support point. However, shorter individuals may not like a high back and instead prefer a standard height. The back height that you select is generally up to your preferences, and as long as the back pillows are high enough that's where most of the function comes from.

Once you have your sofa sorted, next in line will be the positioning of your TV.

While there's no set height for TV placement, ideally you don't want the TV to be too high. Staring up at a TV is like sitting in the front row of a movie theater. It's not ideal, not comfortable, and not conducive to long viewing sessions. Generally speaking, you want the center of the TV to be about eye level, or even slightly lower. This is true whether you're mounting the TV, or putting it on a stand. 

For those of you who regularly use a laptop use a pullover table for support rather than using it on your lap. This will help prevent stooping and inevitably back pain. 

Personally, my preference whilst sitting on the sofa is a footstool supporting the legs and ankles at a horizontal level. Mix and match with your colour scheme or bring in some texture for a unique look to your space. 

Lastly, a selection of colour enhancing cushions will finish your look and a cosy blanket at hand for those chilly nights and you are sorted.

Poppy Watt