Scary makeovers for Halloween!

Music in the dark - Pixers

Trick or pattern? Scary makeovers for Halloween!

Halloween is one of the days of the year on which adults release their inner children. They enjoy decorating their homes and their interiors or nightmarish dress-ups almost as much as Christmas gifts and decorations. On this day, any house can become haunted. There is only one rule: the scarier, the better.

Scary fashion has its own laws: horrifying outfits and inspirations right out of hell are en vogue; autumn motifs intertwined with the luridness of cobwebs, skulls, scary pumpkin phantoms and other ghosts prevail.

The Halloween horror also caught on at Pixers and has inspired them to create a series of inspiring designs with patterns that can easily replace classic decorations requiring time and skill. 

Self-adhesive, removable patterns are a great solution for a theme party. A background for souvenir photos, tables full of patterns and scary meals, or terrifying posters — the number of ideas is infinite.

Halloween means controlled frightening, so the level of horror varies, allowing everyone to find something that suits them. The faint-hearted can choose from among funny patterns such as charming, brightly coloured pumpkins or sweets with a scary after-taste. 

Horror fans will appreciate a terrifying mad alchemist’s laboratory the colours of which are out of this world or horrific one-eyed roses. Dare to check out these shocking proposals by Pixers! Thanks to this scary mood creating patterns, every room can transform into a year-round chamber of fear.

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Poppy Watt