The Rabbit Chair

Rabbit Chair

The Rabbit Chair

It's a great habit, to follow the rabbit ...... and that's exactly what Smithers have been doing. However, these rabbits aren't born out of a Beatrix Potter story, or Warner Brothers cartoon - these beautiful bunnies have been brought to life thanks to the wonderful imagination of Italian Designer Stefano Giovannoni.

The Rabbit Chair is the last design to come out of Stefano's magic hat, but thankfully it packs a whimsical punch that guarantees a longstanding iconic status. The idea came to Stefano thanks to the silhouette of the animal being similar to that of a chair - where the rabbit's tall ears would become the backrest. Genius. 

We are overjoyed to be showcasing these imaginative chairs at Smithers of Stamford. We've been breeding like....well....rabbits and are proud as punch to be able to offer a wide variety of Rabbit Chairs, ensuring everybody is catered for. 

The chairs provide the perfect pop of colour your interior style needs, but there's no better spot for your bunny than nestled in a quiet spot in the garden. Your alfresco space will be brought to life like never before, and if you really want to push the boat out, then our Outdoor Light Up Rabbit Chairs are just the thing. Who knew an illuminated bunny silhouette in your garden could bring so much joy?! Mr Giovannoni it would appear.

With Rabbit Chairs available in adult and child sizes, there really is no better gift to give to your little one on their special day. Happy Bunny status is definitely guaranteed. Whoever the recipient of the Rabbit, rest assured it will be greatly received. Remember, a bunny isn't just for Easter; Smithers Rabbit Chairs are for life. 

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Poppy Watt