A new interior without renovation!

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A new interior without renovation!

Do you dream about a new colour in your bedroom, do you plan to refurbish your kitchen, or remove stains from the walls in your kid’s room or hallway? Do not be afraid of renovation! Transform your house this summer!  Check out how to quickly transform an interior by yourself!

The warm months are favourable not only for sunbathing and for cultivating plants, so we can revolutionize our homes in summer with enthusiasm. Thanks to taking several days off, we can finally plan or even carry out a transformation of our homes. However, a renovation, a burdensome process associated with a mess, chaos, and stress is necessary in order to achieve that: you have to prepare your flat, be patient, particularly immune to noise and a right mess. Happily, many solutions allowing for burdensome renovations to be avoided and still transforming our interior are currently available. Easy to mount wallpapers, wall murals, and different stickers are a great substitute and the results can even be more spectacular.

Let us start with rooms in which the walls, furniture, and other elements are exposed to staining and other damage caused by kids and pets.

Kitchen evolutions

A burdensome kitchen renovation can be postponed without giving up changing its appearance. Table and refrigerator stickers — two elements with the same or matching patterns — are the easiest way to transform furniture and kitchen appliances quickly. Using washable wallpapers and wall murals are also a good idea.

You can use it on a fragment of a wall with no tiles, especially if it is stained, which happens often in the kitchen. Wallpaper mounting will take a little bit more time, but modern materials do not require special skills or tools and installing them does not cause as much chaos and mess as painting walls or replacing tiles.

The refreshed hall

Hallway walls, although inside, are exposed to weather. Shoes with mud or snow on them, wet umbrellas and raincoats, a dog returning from a walk on a rainy day are only examples of things that can stain hallway or porch walls. This is why washable wallpapers and wall murals are better for hallways and corridors than paints, even wear resistant.

The laminate covering modern wallpapers and wall murals protects their surface from moisture and allows for them to be cleaned with a damp cloth, which results in colour loss in the case of painted walls.

Fairy-tale patterns

If you are a parent, you know what your children are capable of. How many times has your child’s abstract art on the walls terrified you? How often do you wonder whether your child’s desk will survive another month? A kid’s room is a test site for new toys as well as walls and furniture that are stained or damaged even more often than in the kitchen.

The best answer to the needs of children and their parents are wall and furniture stickers. Self-adhesive material installed by the user allows scratches on cabinet doors or desktop to be covered and a sticker cut along the contour can hide stains on walls and ceilings.

New walls, new furniture

The changes are not limited to the walls. Old furniture does not match the new color, style, or concept, or we no longer like it. When we decide to change the appearance of the interior, we can transform every element without having to buy new equipment, generating costs and waste. Table stickers will be useful in a kid’s room or home office and those who want to refresh their office equipment can use laptop stickers. In the kid’s room, a sticker on the desk will cover scratches and stains caused by paint, pens, and other art supplies. In the office, stickers will make your work more pleasant and make your furniture serve you longer.

Larger stickers will allow you to quickly transform a wardrobe, dresser, or even a door and match them to the new interior. You can use them only on the cabinet doors, outer and inner shelves — you are limited only by our imagination and the size of the surface we want to embellish.

When transforming walls or furniture, modern and ecological solutions allow us to avoid a burdensome renovation and saving time, money, and our planet, are definitely worth focusing on.

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Poppy Watt