Neo Mint 2020 with Darlings of Chelsea

Stirling Midi Sofa

Neo Mint 2020 with Darlings of Chelsea

Take a look into the future with WGSN’s predicted colour of the year Neo Mint. 

Designer sofa specialists Darlings of Chelsea are one step ahead with this optimistic shade, featured in all of their most popular sofa designs.

The recent advances in technology have influenced the interior world and are bringing this fresh pastel tone into our homes. A statement sofa in this cool colour will bring your living room to life. Pair this minty hue with a white background for a clean and simplistic look. For something more dramatic, opt for matte black wallpaper and monochrome accessories. 

Pairing Neo Mint with hints of pastel pinks can bring a more vibrant setting into your interior space; opt for neon pink lights to inject a futuristic feel into your space.

Bringing the outside into your home is also a trend that is set to storm the interior world in 2020. Pair a Neo Mint sofa with statement plants and grand hanging planters to enjoy the great outdoors all year round.

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Poppy Watt