Mytal design and meticulous details

Compact and functional

Mytal design and meticulous details

With the ever-increasing amount of accessories required whilst bathing these days, storage is an essential necessity when it comes down to planning your bathroom.

Utilising every inch of space, particularly if it is limited, I think is an art form. Haphazard towels, clumsily placed hair dryers, and even the important spare toilet paper rolls can turn any small bathroom into an obstacle course.

Bathroom cabinets are still a great option to transform an ordinary bathroom into something special and we have come across the Italian range Mytal designed by Antonio Bullo.

If you are looking for stylish and functional storage Mytal has created a compact and functional bathroom cabinet incorporating the most innovative and experimental architecture.

The frame, which develops vertically, is made of aluminum, and it stands out for the totally mirrored front and the details that enhance the manufacturing expertise. Mytal is also distinguished by the efficiency of its solutions and the organisation of its space.

Available in both the built-in and the sit-on version, it contains everything you need in the room dedicated to well-being: a large mirror, a washbasin area, a storage surface, open and/or closed compartments.

The multifarious appeal of the Mytal project makes it suitable for accommodating several types of washbasins from the Antonio Bullo Workshop catalogue: Ger the wall-mounted basin, Bobo and Toyo in the freestanding version, as well as other built-in models.

This is the first component of a collection that is developing in terms of modularity, dimensions, and materials, in keeping with an increasingly integrated concept of contemporary living spaces.

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Poppy Watt