Maximalism blooming - new floral trend from Pixers

Classic Dark Florals

Maximalism blooming - new floral trend from Pixers

Floral motifs are one of the most popular and timeless trends in wall decoration. This time, Pixers proposes floral designs in a new version - not as a perfect addition to the interior, but as a mainstay in the interiors following the principles of maximalism.

Maximalism combines boho, retro and vintage styling. There is a kind of horror vacui in there – it is hard to find undeveloped space, and at the same time, everything seems to be in place. So can you imagine something more vivid than wallpaper in a maximal interior?

One of the most interesting choices that Pixers has to offer in the style of maximalism are the saturated floral motifs. Colors kept in dark tones with shades of purple, black and green ideally suited for large rooms, which provide a mysterious romantic nature.

Painted flowers and floral motifs against a dark background refer to the old wallpapers, but in today's edition, combined with modern elements of the décor, it will be a refined proposition for the daring.

In smaller interiors maximalism can have a softer look - dark flowers against a light background. The large magnification of the patterns allows for the creation of a "total effect" (I mean "total look"), in which the wall will play the main focal point.

How can one combine expressive floral motifs with furniture and accessories?

The interior can be a great "brightening" element – a vivid bed linen or bedspread, natural wood furniture and gold or copper finishes will gently contrast with floral motifs and give the interior lightness. There are also cozy items such as wicker baskets, knitwear or wool.

However, the most beautiful part in maximalism is that it’s a style that does not exactly define the rules and allows you to let go of your imagination, experiment and fully reflects yourself in the interiors.

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Poppy Watt