Look ahead to 2018, the Year of Red!

AION Large Pendant Lamp - Red

Look ahead to 2018, the Year of Red!

At this time of year designers look ahead to what will be the big features and styles of the New Year. There’s one colour that rises about the rest as tipped by interior designers for next year’s seasons, while also being perfect for winter decorating; red!

Red is a brilliant colour to use in any space; naturally eye-catching it works particularly well with monotones, while also providing pleasing contrast against minimalist or traditional wooden settings. Red is a rich colour, providing a warm tone in winter or a lively attention-grabbing tone in summer. Great for feature furniture, or for complimentary additional furniture or accessories.

Bold designs deserve bold colours. The Manta Armchair by Ibride is an iconic armchair of curving wooden slats. Designed to be used both indoors and out, its shape has been inspired by the gentle curves of a manta ray. Available in a range of colours, the Manta looks particularly good in red, helping the quirky design stand out and shine!

Red is a colour that naturally works well with lighting. It helps turn any light warm, the light working in perfect balance with red light fittings and fixtures to create an effect that’s unrivaled by any other colour. Use a red lamp or light fitting with a normal white-light bulb to create an atmosphere without it being too intense! The H2O Colour Pendant by In-es.artdesign is a brilliant pendant light for such a purpose; a shade that glows like molten lava, while still producing a bright downlight when used with a white-light bulb. In-es.artdesign also created the Paint T Cemento, an eye-catching table-light with a brilliant contrast of smooth grey and bright red. Both In-es.artdesigns are also available in a range of colours.

Red is a fantastically versatile colour, working well with a range of materials, the Narew Clock by Welsh design company Odddot is a brilliant deep cherry red, a clock that brings a luxurious modern touch to any space.

Red is not often the first colour people think of when the think of Birchwood; the Aion Lamp by IUMI tears this preconception apart. A beautiful globe of individual birch slates, the Aion is available in a range of colours though we recommend it in red for the brilliant depth of tone and atmosphere created!

The perfect colour to make any minimalist feature eye-catching, red is sure to draw everyone's attention. The Wide Frame Sideboard by rform is a effortlessly elegant storage feature of white panels and sturdy birch. The outer panels are available in a range of colours, from airy blue to a striking red.

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Poppy Watt