Lightness and style

Lightness and style

Lightness and style 

Shooting geometric shapes 

Atik is a collection of living room coffee tables in painted metal. Lightweight and practical, Atik coffee tables can be used in any room of the home and repositioned easily for any need. Made of iron rods, they combine a lightweight structure with the functionality of a stowaway compartment or small drawer to store away magazines or other items.

Each piece has a particularly slim, lightweight shape of the structure, with the tabletop outlined by a special fold in the metal that gives the entire whole an interesting and highly attractive geometric shape. 
The result is an elegant object, a game of lines and angles with an exclusive design which brings to mind finesse and lightness. 

Thanks to their original appearance, Atik coffee tables are suitable for any room in the home, and they are easy to reposition according to need. 

Available in three sizes, the elegance of Atik is emphasised by the six finishes available: black, white, graphite, titanium, embossed copper, embossed brass. 

With Atik, Ronda Design continues its research activities, continuously expanding the service and products it offers, focusing on innovative design, quality materials and the pursuit of the utmost freedom of expression of users.

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