Kitchen Bliss

Make That Kitchen Beautiful

You look at your tired cabinets and decide it's time to give your kitchen a much-needed make over.

Where do you begin?

With so many things to consider when planning a new kitchen it's difficult to know where to start. Due the majority of people keeping a kitchen for approximately 20 years it is important to start out right and set your ideals before you take that step down the kitchen aisle.

As the heart of the home the kitchen is a space to share with your family and friends, not only that, but the amount of time spent there means it needs to be two things, practical and enjoyable. Whether you are updating your kitchen to benefit you, or to add financial value to your home, getting it right the first time is essential, and should be hassle free.

So how do you buy a new kitchen? It's not a case of one-size fits all. You can't walk into a shop, buy one and take it home with you. If it's something you've never done before, be prepared to enter a whole new world of retail.

Over the last 25 years Aspect Kitchens have built an excellent reputation for both bespoke kitchen designs and excellent service. With standards like no other, here are some top tips for kitchen harmony.

LIKE A TEST, REVISE - Scroll through images until your heart is content. When you get to a showroom you will be baffled by the amount of choice. With endless finishes, colours and designs collecting images will not only assist your designer but keep you focused on what you are trying to achieve.

Look into different work surfaces; it is essential to be aware of their pros and cons. Some are prone to scratching or chipping, whilst others might scold under a hot pan.

Have a brief idea of your appliance wish list, you may be keeping your old appliances but have a list of those to be included, to aid planning.

PLAN - Window heights, doors, even plug sockets can alter a design so having a detailed layout plan will give your designer a guide to usable space. Provide them with as much information as you can about your lifestyle too; for example the size of your family, your storage needs, and how you use your kitchen.  Some designers may arrange to have a consultation with you in your home to see the way you live to aid their design.

BUDGET - Designers love what they do. Be sure to put some reins on them before they design you a dream kitchen you will have to re-mortgage for.

Adding details to a design is a lot easier than taking them away, so work out where you would make cuts if necessary and be prepared to spend a little extra.

QUALITY - Inspect the cabinets. Hinges, drawer runners, and mechanisms are all over looked when your new kitchen is fitted; however it is the smaller details that extend a kitchen’s lifetime and durability. Stretch your budget as far as possible when it comes to cabinets, a well-manufactured kitchen will look better for longer.

GIVE YOURSELF ENOUGH TIME - From completed design, you are generally looking at a 6 - 8 week lead-time. Make sure you allow yourself enough time to get your design right and furniture installed correctly in time for any crucial dates.

FINALLY HAVE FUN - Work with someone you like and trust. This should be a fun experience and you should come out at the end of it with your perfect space.

Having a good relationship with your designer will allow you to get the best from them and your kitchen.

Kristie Vance