It's a Corker!

Bloomingville Rabbit Pin Board

It's a Corker!

Like all things 70s, cork is making a comeback. It's no wonder, too - from its great texture to its earthy tones, cork has so many qualities that touch on what's hot right now. Not only is cork a lightweight and versatile material, it's also highly sustainable.

Cork is harvested from the Cork Oak Tree, which does not require being, cut down. Every 7 to ten years the bark can be harmlessly extracted from the trees that live from 150 to 250 years. That's as good a reason as any to pop the champagne corks and celebrate this emerging trend! 

Designers are recognising cork’s versatility and are combining it beautifully with glass, metal, ceramics and timber. 


We have found a few examples to enhance your home with this environmentally friendly material:

Stay motivated, organised and productive with a handy cork pin board, we found the Bloomingville Rabbit Board which is very cute and perfect for any child-focused room.

Go bold with cork wall tiles, giving you the versatility to create a corkboard of any size in an office or kitchen.

If you are looking at a larger area to cover create a high end, luxurious look with contemporary Cosmos Wallpaper. This is part of the Zaniah collection by Today Interiors. They offer a selection of non-woven backed designer wallpapers with iridescent mottles, textured stripes, mica geometrics and herringbone stripes.

Cosmos is a natural cork wallpaper handcrafted from natural fibres and materials. Available in eleven stunning finishes, allowing you to pick the perfect shade to complement the interior of your home.

This is a paste the wall wallpaper produced on a 91cm wide 7.32m roll, which is vacuum and brushable, available from Lime Lace

To keep your kitchen on trend, you can’t go wrong with the Garden Trading Cork Spice Rack.

Spices, herbs and seeds can be stored beautifully on show. Comprising of five Glass jars, the thick Cork lids keep the contents fresh until their next outing. The matching Cork base can be placed on the kitchen worktop filled with your favourite seasonings.

The 70's style Cork brings a refreshing update in the kitchen and will match harmoniously with a range of kitchen decors.

Poppy Watt