Interior Design Trends for 2019: Lighting

Interior Design Trends for 2019

Interior Design Trends for 2019: Lighting

Keeping up to date with ever-changing trends in the interior world is a tricky job. With constant developments in the lighting industry and new styles taking shape all the time, Festive Lights have advised on the trends touted to be popular in 2019 with a unique lighting twist.

Look to the Skies – Stars & Constellations

Last year saw whimsical themes including unicorns and mermaids, dinosaurs and mythical creatures, taking centre spotlight. This year, we're looking to the heavens even more for inspiration in interiors – understandable with the state of the world! While galaxy prints have been popular for a number of years now, watch out for anything that incorporates zodiac motifs, cosmic patterns, and more sophisticated astronomy designs.

Lighting lends itself perfectly to this trend. The night skies shining bright with constellations and celestial designs are easily replicated in your own home with strings of twinkling fairy lights, in particular, firefly wire fairy lights will be especially popular for this trend with their naked wire and gentle glowing light.

The Blue Planet Effect – Sustainable & Natural Materials alongside Smart Lighting

The buzzwords of the year have been “zero waste” and “sustainability”. Thanks to the Blue Planet effect, sourcing plastic-free and environmentally friendly products is something that's been on everyone's mind.

This trend is one that's tricky to tie into lighting, but it can be done. Materials such as concrete and marble can be incorporated in lamp bases, cork for lamp stands, or for an easy, student-loved and budget-friendly twist, string fairy lights around a cork board. Watch for designs that hark back to the nature trends, with twisted wooden elements.

Stepping away from style, this trend is also very apparent in functionality; smart lighting will take off like never before. Look for app-controlled lights that manage your home's lighting in a far more energy efficient way, allowing you to help the planet while maintaining a more modern functionality in your home. For an easy step into this, look at continuing to swap your old lighting for LEDs – not only is this a more energy efficient option, but their long lives save you money in the long run, and their ability for changing colour temperatures and dimming brings them up-to-date.

A Touch of Class – Mid-Century Modern Mixed with Art Deco

This is a trend that has true sticking power, and who can blame us for still loving it? Mid-century modern has the potential to be both traditional and minimalist, with clean lines and classic shapes. Mix this with an art deco twist, allowing glamorous designs to stand for themselves through careful detailing.

In terms of lighting, look for unique shapes and manufacturing techniques that are steeped in history to style this trend. Anything with a slightly retro twist, but iconic silhouettes such as Sputnik style pendants, spherical bubble lamps, and tinted glass, will stir the nostalgia that reminds us of days gone by, but with the benefits of brand new technology.

New Metallics: Industrial Lighting

Last year saw gold and copper metallics take the interior world by storm. This year, we're taking it a step further with industrial lighting options. Using steel, aluminium, and brass, industrial lamps may look stark and functional alone, but can easily be combined with a range of other interior trends, such as sumptuous velvet furnishings or lush tropical prints, to create a look that manages to be both traditional and contemporary at the same time.

Colour Pairings: Matt Black & Spiced Honey

Dulux have announced their colour for 2019 as Spiced Honey. This new take on beige, with warm amber undertones, has been described as optimistic and resilient, creating a cosy atmosphere that ties into the enduring trend of hygge.

Contrasting this is a move away from grey to black, particularly matt black. Fortunately, elements of this bold and dramatic look can easily be introduced into your home, against a spiced honey backdrop, with items like industrial style lighting. The high contrast between sleek and modern matt black and the warm, calming caramel tone is soothing yet energising.

Poppy Watt